Explore Greece, rent a plane, discover Greece by flying a plane yourself. Individual planning of your flight Enjoy the benefits of a personal commercial terminal: arriving at the destination, boarding the aircraft and taking off. Departures and arrivals can be discussed directly with the pilots. To keep an eyes on your group is simplest when you are flying your own airplane. Define the airway, take-off point and airway.

Journey with the most advanced airplanes. Journey to your goal conveniently and without loss of your precious valuable journey with the high-performance, fast reacting motor. Hiring your own airplane means you don't have to consider other travellers - it's like owning your own automobile.

Aircraft rental - flying for pleasure

Rediscover Greece by hiring airplanes! Travellers who discover Greece want to experience the beauties and splendours of the country's various tourist attractions, lovely islets, pulsating towns and old archaeological remains. One way to discover all that Greece has to offer is to rent personal planes. Hiring an airplane means that you are a driver, or someone in your group is a driver.

It is a good choice if for a variety of travelling possibilities in Greece. If you are interested, we can help you plan a trip that allows you to see the Greece you want to see from the sky, and above all, you can do the check of the helicopters yourself before the trip. Hiring an aircraft during your holidays in Greece is the best way to prevent all the problems of business aviation, from stays and baggage restrictions to itineraries.

Holidays in Greece are a particular moment for many and a tourist group can help prevent the emotion and strain of travelling by road. Fly with a personal airplane means less hassle and the added benefit that you can land at some of the smaller Greek airfields near your final destinations. Hiring a personal jets provides enormous benefits for those with a licence who want to visit Greece and see the land on their own schedule and itinerary.

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