Sri Lankan Airways London to Colombo

Lankan Airways London to Colombo

Lankan Airlines - From London to Colombo - Sri Lanka Forum Has anyone been on that particular aeroplane lately? Were the flights full, was the onboard event ok etc. etc. ? many thanks in the forefront.

In the past year I traveled twice the same 1. was the newer aircraft, very good conversation, good meal beverages of the crews were great the trip was so high that was packed in January so high in SL seasons.

In September/October plane was the old plane crews eating beverages excellently the entertainment system was pretty bad, but I was informed by one of the crews that they would replace all the old planes very soon, even the plane was full on the way out, but a third empty on the way home, but not the main tourist season like that.

Now you can reserve your places on their website as long as you have a number. Visit the Seating Guru to see the favorite places and the ones you shouldn't choose. Reservation - for the flights can be made 24 hrs before the flights. Thank you RMBELFROG for this information, as they had just relocated from 4 to the new terminals when I left in October, and you couldn't pre-book last year until 24hrs before the crash of the upgraded website, I called SL to pre-book my places, I'm in the middle of arranging the appointments for my next journey so well that they let us make reservations well in ahead.

Sri Lanka is in fact about to change its plane on the London-Colombo routes, as from the end of March this year the old A340s will no longer be operating from London, all 9 weekly A330-200 services will be available, so all seats previously reserved on A340s are unlikely to be valid....

When booking directly with SriLankan via your London offices, you can usually pre-book your places.... We' re flying out the nightlight from Heathrow on March 27 of this year. The Airbus A330-200 UL504, as you just said, unfortunately looks like we are sitting in the old plane!

In September we made a reservation and were able to reserve places in the tail of the airplane, which took me by surprise. Yes, it will be an older model airplane, but also some of them have been retrofitted, so you may have one of these new airplanes as not specified before the end of October.....

Probably, but nothing is 100% until perhaps the last possible date before the plane, could be an Airbus40 or even a new Airbus30...300, they have been used several time lately...... Well, at least on the plane we're on, the windows are in two! Do the newcomers have the same seating configurations?

I thought it was good that we could make a reservation when we went to get back in September. The majority of airlines add a surcharge or do not allow you to make reservations until one weeks before your arrival! Yes, in the business world the seating arrangement on all London-Colombo planes is 2-4-2.....

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