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Charters Communications commits to $1.35 million for Hurricane Florence relief work. <font color="#ffff00">Charter Communications, Inc.

NASDAQ (NASDAQ: CHTR) today announces a US$350,000 grant to help rebuild Together to help with emergency aid, particularly home repair and renovation in the areas hit by Hurricane Florence. "charter is dedicated to helping the communities where our clients and staff reside and work, especially in time of need," said Tom Rutledge, chairman and CEO of charter communications.

"Our relationship with rebuilding together is expected to help set the healing cycle in motion and help make sure that the robust community affected by this stormy weather gets back on its feet. What's more, we're looking forward to working with our partner, rebuild ing-together, to help the community recover. "The long period of regeneration of community damages from Hurricane Florence can be tremendous for our needy neighbours," said Caroline Blakely, President and CEO of rebuilding together.

"Supported by our Charter Communications partnership, reconstruction will work together to help house owners rebuild their local churches and get back to secure and sound houses. "Spectrum Housing Assist works with non-profit organisations and hires staff and voluntary workers to carry out missionary home renovations in the USA with the aim of making 50,000 houses more secure and wholesome by 2020.

Spectrum Housing Assistance has upgraded more than 21,000 households since 2015 with the help of 5,000 Spectrum voluntary workers, who have worked a combined 30,000 voluntary lessons affecting the life of tens of thousands people. It also offers an extra $1 million in free broadcast advertising to help organisations raise funds and raise civil protection consciousness.

arter has opened 5,100 Spectrum WiFi hot spots in North and South Carolina to assist in the preparatory and restoration effort and will keep them open to all for the time being. In addition, Charter will work to enable WiFi connectivity to a range of accommodation in the affected areas within its coverage area.

The charter is for the 2nd time. Carolinas has 9 million Carolinas clients under the Spectrum trademark in TV, web, speech and wireless communications and more than 12,500 employees. Charters has six large call centres (Charlotte, Greensboro and Morrisville, N.C.; and Greenville, Simpsonville and West Columbia, S.C.) and keys operating centres in Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Hickory Morrisville, Raleigh and Wilmington, N.C.; and Greer and West Columbia, S.C.....

Through Charter Charter Communications, Inc. NASDAQ:CHTR is a premier broad-band communications provider and the second biggest wireline in the United States. Charters offers a wide variety of progressive consumer broad-band connectivity products, which include Spectrum TV programing, Spectrum internet and Spectrum voice. Charter offers under the Spectrum BusinesĀ® trademark scaleable and cost-effective broad-band communications for small and medium-sized businesses, providing connectivity, telephony and television broadcasting as well as wireless connectivity.

Under the Spectrum Enterprise name, Charter is a domestic supplier of scaleable, fiber-based technological computing for many of America's biggest corporations and communications companies. Charter's marketing and manufacturing activities are marketed under the Spectrum Reach name. Charter's message and sport networking is run under the Spectrum Network name.

For more information about charter, please visit newsroom.charter.com. REBUILING AUSTRIA is a premier non-profit organisation for safer and healthier living with more than 40 years of expertise. Together with our business and municipal partnerships, we are changing the life of low-income house owners by enhancing the security and wellbeing of their houses and revitalising our municipalities.

The reconstruction of Together's subsidiaries and nearly 100,000 voluntary workers is leading to approximately 10,000 reconstruction programs each year. <font color="#ffff00">SOURCE Charter Communications, Inc.

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