Shared Jet Charter

Sharing Jet Charter

Travel to Boca Raton without commercial flights by booking a Boca Raton Jet Charter through EJM. Sitting on scheduled jet shuttles. Share a charter jet cheaper and a "green" way to go? - blog

Not only does renting a personal jet cost a great deal of cash, it also incinerates a great deal of petrol and releases a great deal of CO2 into the air. The Institute for Policy Studies reports that only one hours is burned in a charter aircraft, the value of one year of petrol to drive your vehicle.

Since the tooth flank play of the car executive chartering to Washington, and as the present downturn deepened, corporations have obviously been looking for affordable ways to get their executive to travel from point A to point B. While executive and the rich could have flown and must have flown back to travel commercially first class or even car travel, there is a new option that is available and won't rupture the banks and is also seen as more green.

A lot of programmes that were created to hopefully entice clients back to personal charter trips. This jet-Sharing is based on the use of more passengers in planned charter aircraft. Rather than charter a whole aircraft for 2 persons, you can divide the fare aircraft with other persons travelling to the same goal at the same moment.

Reducing emissions, reducing redundancy and reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the air are the goals. Jet share still gives you the convenience of chartering a jet (avoiding large airfields and long delays), but at the same times you are aware of the environmental impacts and expenses of your trip.

They should perhaps imagine charter jet share as an air carrier for the élite. This is how the jet-share function works: Jet It Together currently has a scheduled air service from Las Vegas to Dallas on its website. Expenses for the charter of the whole aircraft for the trip are $7080 and have a combined capacity of 7 people.

It is hoped that at least 4 places will be occupied and that the cost per passenger will be $1700 for this special one. Of course, when the aircraft is full, the cost per passenger is lower. If you can get 6 other guys on the airplane, then it's about $1000 per each.

Greener Jet is also very similar to Jet It Together, but if you are planning several departures per year, you can choose to make an additional payment that gives you lower airfare. Their website says a New York to Florida airline costs about $1100 for a member compared to about $2100 for a pay-per-flight offer.

Isn' splitting a jet really the best way for leaders and rich people to get around? Isn' it really a greener way to travel when you can buy the luxuries of a charter?

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