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Airlines for sale At Timberline Air Service, Inc., we are an owner-managed business that has been in business since April 1983. Alliance AvSources Ltd. has built an outstanding record since 2005 for delivering expert, precise and cost-effective pre-sales assessments and inspections throughout the country. It is a well-established, fast-growing.


The IS 7000 New Hermes Engraver contains........ The perfect opportunity to run your own air charter business in a very bustling area. Approved for flights in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, this turnkey airline has contracts for lease on airplanes and customers listing for sale for $350,000.

Part 135 Air Charter Business in your plane with an untouched plane in the Midwest. Pilot your Cessna 421C plane with your Basic Part 135 certification for $315,995. For FREE business expert consultation, click here. ONE is a U.S.-based corporation consisting of three aviation-related affiliates.

The FAA Cosmetic airplane maintenance center, business house can be bought or not. The sale covers all gear and fixtures. 30-+ years old helicopter business for sale. Situated in the Northeast of the USA, the company is well positioned and provides a well-managed turnkey business proposition for a new business holder interested in aerospace.

Part of this business is currently in operation..... They sell and maintain a broad range of sophisticated general Aviation equipment of the big brands. Headquartered in the United States, the firm is a local provider of professional banking solutions with a strong retail and business customer base throughout North America and has.... The FAA APPROVED/VETERANS APROVED AIR SCHOOL provides residential, business, multi-engine, instruments, instruction and piloting courses.

Pensacola, Florida Wingstop franchise for sale for $350,000! There are two incumbent franchise companies that currently earn an estimate of $1,257,290 and net $130,783. It is a unique chance to purchase two accommodations in a secluded and privileged area of Katmai National Park, one of the biggest and most varied wilderness areas in Alaska and the United States.

Aeroplane coating (paint shop), aeroplane interior (30 year old company). Airplane - Adams 500 dual-engined - 2008. The JRA provides a complete web-based inventory linking operator and owner with trusted airplane service experts. Contains 3 aircrafts, pilotservice, website with international web..... Nine planes including. 15-year-old $2-3 million revenue locally traded company.

Contains 9 aircrafts; ................................................... Calculate prices and finance your hotel, motel and business property. The company specialises in the restoring of leathers and plastic materials and serves five important markets: Aviation, marine and leisure vehicles, automotive, business and residential furniture. Sale of new and used aircrafts and parts specialized in the exporting trade.....

Our business is an experienced privately owned airplane detail business operating from 4 major international destinations, one of which is Brown Field in SoCal. We sell the whole Hollywood business field of website names and social websites and blogs. We sell bulk buy website names and HOLLYWOOD-style blogs from Hollywood website names and social websites and blogs.

Avionic installation, distribution and airplane overhaul. The business opportunities are very well developed and have an impressing clientèle. They operate in a small part of a large market place that uses information and operator panels for a broad spectrum of equipment from entertainment electronic to sophisticated, fully functional display for many uses.

Aircraft/rotor vehicle service business for sale $150,000 hanger and 20 years ground rent (large ground rent of . 10 Cent square feet to 7,500 square feet) $165,000 hanger, loading equipment, 4 bay warehouse containers. 40x50 hanger height, 40x50 hanger height, 40x50 hanger height, 40x50 hanger height, 40x50 hanger.... Nicely landscaped pizzeria in familiar and informal styles in the heart of the East Long Beach neighborhood (orange country boarder).

Your fixtures, company name and website are for sale. As the company is not actively involved, stocks have been ageing since 2011. Inventories are kept and have a value of about $30,000. In the Californian town of San Diego there is a possibility to buy a license for United Shipping Solutions (USS). The USS provides the ability to own a company with low overhead and residual revenue in the $500 billion maritime industries.

Apartment for sale in San Luis Obispo County, California for $350,000! Sale of equipment. Can' t find a business? Publish a FREE search ad. FAA certified, this well-known full-service aviation repair firm has been servicing the Southern California aviation industry for 16 years. It offers a competent range of services for the servicing and servicing of reciprocating and turbojet aircrafts.

The ten-year-old CNC workshop, for sale, specialises in the development and manufacture of small series of aeroplanes, aviation, aerospace equipment and business parts. Without publicity, the enterprise...... The Epoxy Pros range is designed to install high-performance, long-lasting coating systems that can be used in a variety of industrial and domestic flooring environments; display rooms, storage facilities, galleys, plane mounts and garage doors.

I am looking for an investment partner to support the growing service business. Acquisition of drone - Quad Copter aerial photography business involves the following: FAA Section 333 Certificate of exemption for the operation of drones and sUAVs (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) legal for industrial use. It is a very well known hot air balloon tours operator in a lovely and sought after southwestern town of Colorado.

A FAA Commercial Pilot License is needed and there are enough colleges all over the state to make it quite simple for the buyer..... THEY DESIGN AND INSTALL, IN PARTICULAR OR COMPLETELY, INTERIOR SPACES WITH HIGH CLASS MATERIAL AND HIGH CRAFTMANSHIP. Commercial description: unique, niche, aerospace, designing and installing part or all of the interior of aircraft using the highest standards of material and workmanship.

It produces crank shafts, conrods, coupling cages, camshaft gears and other small motor components.... For FREE business expert consultation, click here. It is a certified service center for lightweight manufacturers. You perform airplane servicing, routinely, planned, preventively, May..... The 17-year-old enterprise is a worldwide supplier of airliners and replacement engines.

Hyperbaric / hypobaric decompression chamber that can reach a height of 100,000 ft pure vacuum / space or 225 ft deep sea, property, patent and related areas. It specialises in the further education of pilots, instrument tests and.... Flying your own R/C is an exhilarating pastime and the owners of this business option earn nearly $100,000!

Manufacturers of specialized products for the naval and aviation industries with strong operating profits and outstanding operating income. Based in Southern Florida, this business has a strong worldwide client franchise with a trusted global distribution and campaign. Fastener Panel Fastener Manufacturing Aerospace 26 Jahre lang. Leesburg, Florida, Florida's new Florida Energy and Aerospace Technology Park has 3,300 hectares of property for sale or rent.

There is a comprehensive set of incentive programs available to aerospace and energy-related production firms that conduct their business with.... Design and manufacture of our own precise test devices for airplane battery packs.

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