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Jet Leasing Private Companies

Through our private jet leasing program, we provide access to our fleet through a monthly payment system that offers financial flexibility. A company says it's super rich, but it's a fitness trainer and event planner. Private-Jet Leasing Programs Jet Lease is perfect for those who fly more than 100 hrs per year. Jet Lease provides us with easy entry to our airline via a one-month system that offers us greater budgetary freedom. Select the plane that best fits your travelling needs and simply change over.

Each month you pay a rental charge depending on the amount of the rental and the duration of the rental. The leasing portions begin at 100 hrs per year with a duration of 12 or 24 months. Leasing charge will cover direct operational expenses incurred, include crews, hangars, insurance coverage and technical assistance personnel. Your rate per hour will cover the cost of your flights and you will only be billed for the flying hour for which you or your passengers are occupying the plane.

Both ARGUS and Wyvern are world leaders in conducting on-site security audit for business aviation divisions, charters and merchant carriers. Is it an added charge for propellant or airmen? There are no supplemental expenses for petrol or airfares. Are members able to plan more than one plane on the same date?

Yes, unlike most other private jet companies, Jet Card members can plan more than one plane on the same date. The Jet Card members are charged only for the flying hours they use the airplane and for 6 minute embarkation and disembarkation periods. What is the maximum number of passenger the plane can carry?

PC-12 Pilatus - up to eight people, Phenom 100 - up to six people, Citation CJ3 - up to eight people, Phenom 300 & Citation Latitude - up to nine people. Yes, free of charge janitorial service for caterers, floor transport, hotels etc. are offered as added value for Jetcard members.

Specific enquiries can be directed to your personal tour guide at the moment of reservation.

Private jet companies that you should know about

There are 2,500 choices of airlines to hire, here are the ones you should get to know - and the most important things you should know about them. Recently, the private jet business has been exploding with a apparently unlimited number of flight opportunities. With the abundance of private jet rentals, carriers and brokerage and new fractions of property owned and owned aircraft, and the possibility to reserve a seating position on a common level, it is virtually impractical to keep an eye on all the opportunities and variations each has.

Find out what you need to know about the best players in the pack.

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