Www Alaska Airlines com Reservations

Alaska Airlines Www com Reservations

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.. Register to see the unique member discount. You can reach us at the toll-free number 1-800-397-3342 for our support team. The tariffs for calls to other countries are valid. E-mail E-mail E-mail adress × This e-mail adress has already been used to register with Concentrated Data Exchange (CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES).

Please email me with your holiday packages, promotions and other information.

Questions dans les entrevues avec Alaska Airlines pour l'agent de réservation

Interviews réalisées en mars 2015 chez Alaska Airlines (Seattle, WA (États-Unis d'Amérique)). At Alaska, we take the initiative to fully evaluate each candidate to make sure you are the right choice for the position. One or two days later I got an e-mail with about 5-6 queries, I completed it and gave a date and hour when I could get a "telephone interview", during the telephone interviews I was asked... about earlier jobs and specifically about my experience.

There was an Alaska conscript awaiting me to register, I got my name badge and took a place in the meeting room (there were about 30 persons there for the same reason), we saw a 15-20 min information film about Alaska, and then 4-5 call centre monitors came in and presented themselves and answer our queries,

they all asked after the slideshow if they were still interested, and if they weren't, they felt this was not a work for them, they could go (they gave us a 15-minute pause to decide), after the pause we all came back to the room where they happened to draw a name and set a date for the one-on-one interview to begin (the same day) - we all pulled down the room into a larger meeting room and were waiting for our allotted schedule.

As soon as the allocated amount of elapsed we went to another room where I was asked about the professional story, the occupation data (they need a 10-year professional story - which is not simple due to lack of timing, they are flexibility with the date area as long as you get the information to the point), we debated rolls in earlier vacancies and she asked me some situation-specific inquires.

It sent me back to the master room, where I was waiting about 10 mins. Then another manager picked me up, took me to another room where there was a computer and a sheet of information on it, she wanted me to make a journey from seattle to sitka alaska, essentially they want to make sure you know how to steer a wand computer, and you can write and also understand and write information.

Then she asked me more situation related question, which took about 10 min, then she asked me to go back to the hall. About 15 mins. I was waiting and then she came back and gave the papers to one of the recruits, they named me, advertised the job to me as long as my backgrounds were checked, drugs sieved, etc. I was not allowed to do that.

You gave me an date / timeframe to do my test, you also gave me the street codesheet, you have to remember all the street numbers that also go to Alaska / Horizont, there are about 115 numbers, it seems a little bit awesome, but as long as you buy flashmaps and take the moment to do it, it's not so hard.

I went in on the date of the test, check-in at the front and was taken down to deliver the specimen. As Alaska is also a nicotine-free business (it cuts health care costs for all employees), they give you a mouthwash after the test, which you can put between your teeth for 10 min, after waiting they apply a sealing tape and both tests are sent for examination.

In the last 6 month, if you have consumed smoking, you will have to delay 6 month until you use it again. Waiting a few weeks and receiving several e-mails from different HR staff and superiors, there are a few worksheets you need to fill out before your first one. It was a bit overpowering at first, but if you just stay with it and do every job as it comes, you're done in no time and you're set to do it.

Because Alaska is so keen to hire the right staff, the turnover frequency is almost zero and the commitment of the staff is astounding.

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