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I' ve noticed a dilemma when making an online reservation with SriLankan Airlines on their website . At the end of the reservation procedure I got a message: "Incomplete reservation - Due to a temporary unavailability of a service due to a mechanical issue, we were unfortunately not able to respond to your inquiry. If you need help, please call your Srilankan Airlines representative.

Your Online Feedback Center does not work. "We apologise for any inconvenience you may have incurred as a result of the mistake you made in making your book. If you need help with your reservation, please click here to see our Help section and the contacts of your nearest Sri Lankan offices. FKHHHB REFERENCE fkhhhb reference booking" Can anyone advise me on how to handle this issue?

Since I come from Ukraine and there is no SriLankan Airlines there. I' m worried that my English for telephoning the switchboard is not so good and I will be spending a great deal of my energy on making and receiving foreign telephone calls. What I have to say is that I will not be able to make English very well.

eVisa Sri Lanka Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a Sri Lanka Electronic Travelling Authority ("ETA")? The Sri Lanka Department of Immigration issues electronic copies of an ETA. Travellers, tour operators, airline companies and specialised suppliers can use the ETA system to edit an electronic tour operator. Sri Lanka ETA is connected to passports via electronic means and is available to the Department of Immigration.

Travellers are strongly advised to provide a copy of their Sri Lanka ETA if there is a computer terminal issue at the arrivals desk. What does the electronic travel agency look like? Which kinds of Sri Lanka ETA┬┤s are there? A ETA for Sri Lanka is granted only for brief stays in Sri Lanka for commercial, tourism and transit use.

If you want to work in Sri Lanka, you must obtain the appropriate type of permit from your nearest Sri Lanka diplomatic mission. Will I have to go to the Sri Lankan Embassy to get my Sri Lankan citizens' permit? Citizens of all other countries can submit their applications online and obtain their Sri Lankan entry permits by e-mail.

For how long is my Sri Lanka ETA and what are the charges? Sri Lanka ETA visas are issued for 30 working days from the date of your inscription. ETA fee is $35 + $20 per capita service fee for all except SAARC nations (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka).

MasterCard, PayPal, Visa or American Express are available for payment. When will I get my Sri Lanka ETA when I have not received it? After completing our online request for a Sri Lanka visas you can select between 24 hour shipping (one working day) and 30 minute express shipping. Unlike a conventional hard copy ETA is connected to your electronic identity card.

You are advised to either send this e-mail to a printer or to submit a copy of it upon your return. Remember that airline companies do not ask you to provide evidence of ETA for the flight to Sri Lanka. If I have a Diplomat Pass, do I need a Sri Lanka Permit? Tourist/Business ETA should not be used by owners of passports, whether issued diplomatically or officially, for their formal visit to Sri Lanka or for formal operations in Sri Lanka.

Where can I get my Sri Lanka Visum back? REMINDER - Please be aware that the Get Your Sri Lanka Visas is only available for those visitors who have edited their Sri Lanka e-Visa via our website. When you have requested your Sri Lanka E-Visa on the Government's website, please go directly to this website to obtain your application.

I' d like to expand my e-visa to Sri Lanka. Yes, if you want to remain in Sri Lanka with a 30 day or longer visas, you can request an extra day once you are already in the state. Visas may be renewed for up to 90 consecutive working day from the date of entry into the first jurisdiction and for a further 90 consecutive working day from the date of entry into the second jurisdiction.

NB: The request for renewal should be made to the Department of Immigration Visas Department in Sri Lanka (Headquarters) by a visit to the Department or by an authorised representative. If I already have a Sri Lanka Visum, what happens? No new ETA request can be made until this ETA has expired or is revoked if you already have a Sri Lanka Alienation.

This means that the Sri Lanka ETA is for six month and a new ETA can only be reached after the expiry of this ETA with the same pass. Will I need a visa before applying for ETA for Sri Lanka? Your Sri Lanka Visa ETA can be requested before you book your airfare.

Will I be passing through Sri Lanka, do I need a visum? No: In the following cases you are exempted from the Sri Lanka ETA visa: I' m going to go with my kid. Does my kid need a student visa to go to Sri Lanka? Childrens under the age of 12 are exempted from the Sri Lanka Visas fee.

When can I get my Sri Lanka online visas? Sri Lanka visas require that you submit an application up to 60 working days before your date of depature (2 months). Is it possible to go to India with a Sri Lanka ETA or do I need a seperate Indian visas?

You must obtain an India ETA for Sri Lanka regardless of your Sri Lanka ETA status. Travelling to India, no mater where you come from, requires an India Visum. We have a different date of arriving in Sri Lanka, do we have to modify our entry forms to accommodate this modification?

Your Sri Lanka visas are issued 6 month after your visas are issued. So if you have already submitted your application today, you can travel to Sri Lanka every single working day for the next 6 month. Please be aware that your visit cannot exceed 30 nights and that your visas allow for dual entries.

How does the tourist renewal application look like? How can I get in touch with the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo, Sri Lanka? Where can I get to the Immigration and Emigration Department in Sri Lanka Colombo? Do you have a connection with the Sri Lankan authorities or are you a privately held business?

No, we are not affiliated with the Sri Lankan authorities. This is a privately owned firm that offers a value able assistance in processing your Sri Lanka ETA / e-Visa visas. We' re a tour operator that has taken up operations because bad web sites have been created by our customers and our customers have been upset.

Simple request for visas 7) Allows you to handle more than one request at a given moment 8) The lowest processing charge for individual visas. I' m going to Sri Lanka on work. Is it possible to send an ETA request? Yes, you can go to Sri Lanka to do ETA there.

Below are the company classifications in Sri Lanka: Are you sure this website is safe for applying online for the Sri Lanka ETA? Since 2002, we have helped tens of millions of travelers, and the Sri Lankan Government fully accepted requests submitted by specialised third party agents such as ourselves to obtain a Sri Lankan online visas.

We only collect the information necessary to handle your job offer and only use it for this reason. Your information will not be passed on to third persons. Does the Sri Lanka Fees include the Sri Lanka Fees per individual or per group? There is a processing surcharge of US$20 per applicant for a Sri Lanka ETA visas, regardless of the number of candidates.

As a Pole, but a UK citizen, what should I use for the ETA request in Sri Lanka? In case you cannot give an adress in your travel destination, you should give your actual adress for the visa request for Sri Lanka. Do you have any connections with the Sri Lankan authorities?

We are not associated with the Sri Lankan authorities. This is a privately owned business that offers a quality ETA visas handling services for Sri Lanka. If I made a mistakes with my data while completing the Sri Lanka Visas, can I change the data?

When you have edited the Sri Lanka ETA Visas directly on our website, please do not hesitate to call us at +1.302.404 or via online chats. Does the Sri Lanka ETA apply to one or more arrivals? Sri Lanka ETA visas are valid for two (2) arrivals within 30 workingdays from the day of your departure.

Is it possible to get my Sri Lanka Visum on my return? May I get the visas upon my return? Yes, you can make the payment on your day of departure and get your visas. It is recommended that you submit your application online as the waiting line may be long when you get there. Shall I get a yellow fever vaccine before my trip to Sri Lanka?

There is no such thing as a hazard in Sri Lanka, but the Sri Lankan authorities only require you to prove that you have been vaccinated against yellowness if you are coming from a country at higher risks. I already have a current Sri Lankan ETA, can I request a new ETA again? The Sri Lanka ETA is six (6) month and a new ETA can only be reached after the expiry of this ETA with the same pass.

In case you loose your ETA pass with a current ETA, you can request a new ETA by repaying the appropriate surcharge. I already have a current Sri Lankan ETA, can I request a new ETA again? The ETA is for six consecutive month and a new ETA can only be reached after the expiry of this ETA with the same pass.

In case you loose your ETA pass with a current ETA, you can request a new ETA by repaying the appropriate surcharge. What other information do I need for the ETA in Sri Lanka? Any Sri Lankan ETA holder should be able to prove/attach the following if they wish to submit an online application:

Return journey to the demonstration at the Sri Lankan ports of entrance (only if you are travelling by plane). Evidence of adequate means to meet your Sri Lankan outgoings. Must I state my first name on the ETA Sri Lanka request form? If you use only your first and last name, your Sri Lanka ETA visas are effective.

Which are the ports of Sri Lanka? Which types of Sri Lankan visa are there? Four (4) types of visa to Sri Lanka exist that allow a single individual to travel and/or reside in Sri Lanka. There are two subcategories of visitor visas: 1. 1. Tourism visit visa - A visitor visa is granted to good faith visitors who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for a limited amount of travel to see places of interest, go on trips and see family.

2. Purpose Visas - Obtained to foreigners visiting Sri Lanka for brief periods for the purpose of doing Business. These visas may be granted for individual or dual travel. Stay Waiver A stay waiver is a permission for a non-Sri-Lankan to obtain stay opportunities for specific use.

A transit visas A transit visas is an immigration authorisation issued to a foreigner for a short, random stay in Sri Lanka during his or her trip to another place of residence. Free of charge visas The holders of a Diplomate or Public Service Pass or a Pass with current Diplomatic or Formal Confirmation are not obliged to make any payment for the cost of the visas.

Where can I get this information, I have to go to my local Sri Lanka embassy / Consulate? Is it possible to go to Sri Lanka with a fugitive visa instead of a ?passport? All travellers wishing to obtain their Sri Lanka visa online need a current ID number.

When you have a residence permit for refugees, you must go to the closest Sri Lankan consulate to do so. Please click here to obtain a Sri Lanka Visas.

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