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Jet private carpets are usually hand-woven, or at least unique. What does a custom jet interior costs? Are you most comfortable in a luxury rendition of a classic vehicle? If you design the interior of your own personal jet, the skies are the border. How much does a tailor-made interior for a privat jet really costs?

The information we provide comes from, one of the world's most reputable interior designers.

Foglizzo has earned a solid design and development fame for some of the finest leather in the globe since it opened in 1921. Now Foglizzo is using its know-how to create new benchmarks in the aerospace interior sector. It stands behind some of the most luxury - and costly - personalised interior design in the entire aerospace sector.

Manufactured from only the best quality skins in Europe, the leather can be used for cushions, cabins, ceilings, furnishings, heads and interior of the dashboard. The leather is light, hardly inflammable and very long-lasting due to elongation and tear. So how much does a fully customized personal jet interior costs?

Luxurious interior spaces of this calibre can be priced between 150,000 and 300,000 dollars per sq. metre for leather alone. For example, if you customise the interior of an Airbus A319 CJ - which has a 80 m2 cab - the A319 could spend a cold 24 million dollars before any extra expense is taken into account.

The end result could be up to $100 million before it' s finished. Privatjets don't get much nicer than this. Among the most stunning Foglizzo interior designs is this slim Airbus ACJ319, created by Sylvain Mariat, Head of Creative Design Studio at Airbus Corporate Jet.

Designed for an unknown Asiatic enterprise, the interior is a demanding, contemporary reinterpretation of the classicist. The possibilities are infinite if these leather are not entirely to your liking. Whilst there is some sparkle in the design of your own plane, a luxurious privately chartered jet gives you the versatility to alter your aesthetics every single flight.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like a privately owned jet with tailor-made and luxury interior. You can choose from a large selection of top quality jet liners with a characteristic interior to suit your tastes, regardless of your present temper.

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