Taxi bill Format in Mumbai

Taxi- bill format in Mumbai

To bill a guest for an overnight stay in a hotel room, download the hotel bill template. Re: Tour and Travel Expense Format - Xls Download Can someone please help me with a expense format? It'?s about my liaison. Please find here with the enclosed format.

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Complimentary hotel bill template | Excel | Excel | PDF

To bill a customer for an overnight stay in a room, please click here to view the bill for the room. Billing allows you to bill one person for more than one person in more than one room. Retain a copy of each bill you use to keep detailed accounts. Stage 1 - Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc) downloads.

Stage 2 - At the top of the page, please fill in the name of your accommodation, followed by your home page, telephone and facsimile numbers and your website. Stage 3 - Biller - Specify the name of the firm and/or individual to be charged for the accommodation, followed by their respective billing information. Stage 4 - Charges - To work out the overall charges, specify each room category for which the group has assumed the charges, the number of nights in each room and the night tariff, and then factor to give the sum to the right.

5 - To get the subsumable amount, please include any number in the totals columns, and then include all relevant tax and surcharges. In this way you receive the sum owed by the customer. Stage 1 - Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls). 2 - Enter your hotels name and contacts above, along with your e-mail and website.

On the right, specify the bill number and the bill date. 3 - Bill to - Type the name, mailing information and other details for the customer you are paying. Stage 4 - Fees - For each room, type the room number, the name of the guest(s), the date of check-in and check-out, the number of night (s), the night tariff, and then add each line on the right.

Stage 5 - Adds any number in the Row Sum columns to get the subsumable amount the customer is owed. To make the full amount due, you must complete all your tax and other duties.

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