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battery-powered vehicles We have an environment friendly corporate philosophy and corporate philosophy that makes us one of the most ecologically oriented taxi companies in Europe. Nissan was the first taxi company in the UK to implement Nissan LEAF as an integrated part of our family. Nissan LEAF provided the answer in line with our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment and reducing wastes.

LEAF does not emit CO2 while driving: there is no environmental damage while the vehicle is in use. It has had a considerable effect. Being a company, we have quickly expanded, doubled our sales and drastically increased our capacity. Yet we have reduced our CO2 balance by a third since 2010 (September 2013).

By 2015, we were the first taxi company in the UK to introduce the Tesla Model S 100% powered supercar into its fleets. Just like the LEAF, the Tesla can also be operated 100% electrically and without any carbons. It is not child's play to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our clean liquefied petroleum gas LPG (LPG) taxi drivers have been in our vehicle fleets since 1997, and in 2009 we launched a line of hybrids. Today, our electrotaxi-fleet comprises about 30 people, the biggest in Great Britain. Received ISO 0140001 certification for our EMS process, we are continuously enhancing our delivery chains and our in-house operations to further mitigate our impacts on the world.

Phoenix also became a member of the Woodland Trust in 2014. During 2015 and 2016, we won a number of accolades for our corporate social responsibility and our corporate social responsibility. We are not committed to the enviroment. We welcome other companies that are on the road to sustainable taxi operations in their taxi fleet, but it is an integral part of our overall approach.

We will have 50 electroxis in our vehicle park by the end of 2017, with another 50 to follow to become the biggest CO2-free vehicle park in Europe. It is a great pleasure for us that our customers, some of the biggest companies in the area, have realized that the use of our electrotaxis results in an enormous CO2 balance for them.

Not only do we endorse them and their own endeavours to promote ecological sustainable development.

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