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A vast global network of private jet brokers. Consider us your personal search agent and air travel coordinator, offering you a complete selection of carefully selected aircraft charter brokers, charter flight brokers and air charter providers. BROKER Air Charter News Besides the more than 2,500 airline charter operateors licenced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are also so-called airline charter broker who connect potential charter clients with airline charter operateors. A charter broker has an important part to play in aligning the travelling needs of a client with the skills of an airline certified under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Whereas Part 135 charter companies are strictly controlled by the FAA, charter brokerage is not simply and extensively controlled. During the course of their deal, agents meet a number of government departments that may be responsible for their work. These guidelines are intended to provide a basis for discussion of the relevant guidelines and to promote best practice throughout the aviation sector.

Furthermore, the guidelines provide information that contributes to the protection of charter brokerage within the scope of their work. United States Department of Transportation DOT publishes a Disclosure Statement on Proposal Rules (NPRM) to Enhance the Aviation Ambient for Charter Unit Charter Airport Consumer Aviation. The DOT takes this measure to ensure consumer protection.

NPRM suggests the creation of a new category of indirectly operating airlines, known as airline charter broker, and the obligation to disclose and enumerate certain banned and misleading activities for this category.

Directory of aircraft charter brokers

Charter Brokers Listings 1 to 96 of 96 of 96 aircraft..... ELECELON JETS - Las Vegas, NV (LAS) - ELECELON JETS is a full-service charter business that provides its customers with the best quality aircraft for every need. No matter if you are renting a plane for the first glider or are on the air to relocate your flying division, with the help of our jet fleet we can take care of everything.

Flight: 360 Jet, LLC - St. Augustine, FL (SGJ) - Prime Aircraft Charter Broker. Surrey, UK - One of the UK's top aircraft charter firms with over 10 years UK charter expertise offering aircraft, personal jet aircraft and choppers for charter. Areotek Avia - Jakarta, Indonesia - International Airport Charter Service, for chartering passengers, arranging aircraft and selling aircraft for Asia and the Middle Eastern.

Authorized Charter Advisors - Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) - Authorized Charter Advisors organizes charter travel to/from anywhere in the globe for luxurious holidays, corporate travel and specialized functions. Walnut Creek, CA (EICHEN) - This is a full-service airline specializing in the procurement and brokerage of individual charter offers for professionals and collegial sport programmes.

Manchester, UK - Manchester, UK - Air Charter Global is headquartered in Manchester UK and specialises in providing charter services for any aircraft model to any destinations in the world. Plano, TX (ADS) - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Plano Airport - Cargo - Airport Global Airport Rail Airport - Cargo - Airport Rail Airport

Passenger charters are also available! 24 / 7 Disposition - Every aircraft - Anytime - Anywhere - Anywhere. Surbiton, UK - Our Air Charter Policy is easy at Air Charter Service: Offer our clients excellent customer care, unmatched agility and unmatched value. Kansas City, MO (MKC) - Air Charter Team is a flagship airline label of airline pros who offer safe, dependable charter aircraft charter and charter company worldwide.

Gatwick, United Kingdom - We operate a wide range of aircraft charter options for 20 or more people. Whether ad hoc chartering or serial chartering, our partners give you the dependability, value and value you expect. LLC - Salem, NH (BOS) - Established in 1999, the company's mission is to deliver the best available aircraft brokering and flight management company in the world at all times.

World AirCharter - Pleasant Hill, CA (SFO) - We are a full aircraft charter company. Our specialty is the provision of charter airline charter related aviation related charter operations for passengers, freight and VIPs. com - Burlingame, CA (SFO) - Upfront Absolute Fixed Prices Guarantee - Upfront Absolute Fixed Prices Guarantee. If you are flying a privately owned flight, the fare we offer is the total fare you paid.

The Aircharter Supermarket - London, United Kingdom - An on-line platform for your charter, lease and maintenance needs. The place where airlines and carriers are competing for your business. Logix Aircraft - Portland, ME - US charter carrier - offers an impartial view of how to select the right gear at the best operational rates.

The aircraft option includes VIP, executive aircraft or global aircraft. Pittsburgh, PA (PIT) - Amg Jets is a full-service charter and charter business of privately owned jets and luxurious jets, providing full-service charter and charter for all sizes of party around the world. Boca Raton, FL (BCT) - Airstream Jets is an air charter brokerage with global resource management.

ASJ has operations in the USA, Canada and Australia and is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading providers of on-demand charter services. The ALG Group, LLC - Van Nuys, CA (VNY) - International Charter Broker. We offer our services at your convenience for all your needs in the field of charter. Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Asia Pacific Aviation (APA) was established in 2008 and is a charter broker in Asia.

Aircraft inspections, document verification, leasing planning, bridge construction, naval induction assistance and rental return are all part of our work. Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL) - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL) - Avijets provides a full range of charter facilities to any global charter location. Marketplaces offer real-time uptime, immediate price setting and airtime calculations for over 2600 charter aircraft around the world.

Fort Pierce, FL (FPR) - FPR - Best International Charter Broker who offers charter option services around the world. Specialized in providing face-to-face V.I.P. services at moderate leverage conditions. Every plane and every target. New York, NY - New York, NY - Blue Star Jet is the world''s biggest broker of privately owned aircraft, providing customers with unprecedented services and the utmost in comfort and luxuries.

The Cameojet Charter Broker is a UK -based Cameojet Charter Broker and a member of the Openpoint Corporate Banking Group. Dorval, Canada - We make reservations for everything from very lightweight jet aircraft to commercial aircraft. You will receive the right aircraft for this job. It' our pledge to be simple: dependable, turnkey services that meet your unique needs.

Centralejetcharter. com - New York, NY (TEB) - "Private Jets Charter" is who we are and what we do! "We have specialized in Aircraft Charter" and it has never been so easy with us here at "". Headquartered in Gatwick, UK, Chapman Freeborn is the world's premier charter airline with a strong record for excellence in aviation services, offering innovative solutions, expert knowledge and outstanding performance.

Carlsbad Charter Flight Group, CA (CRQ) - Global charter flights, corporate and pleasure. Boca Raton, FL (BCT) - Charter Jet Airlines offers superior quality charter aircraft charter rates at a fair hourly rate for chartering executive aircraft, charter aircraft and aircraft for commercial or residential use. Knoxville, TN (DKX) - We can help you provide the first class, luxurious charter aircraft experience that you can only get with a charter aircraft while maintaining very competitively priced aircraft.

It' easy to check all your quotations and choose the charter company that best fits your needs. Corporates Aircraft Charters - Dorval, Canada - All kinds and capacities of aircraft and helidecks for private, commercial, group, incentive and sport team. 20,000 aircraft in the world. Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) - CSI Aviation, Inc - Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) - Our range of aircraft charter and freight movement capabilities includes multi-aircraft programme facility managment and air ambulance care.

Diamond Jet - Bushey Heath, UK - Diamond Jet is the Air Charter business of EFR Travel, a luxurious tour operator providing business, pleasure and residential jet charter services and luxurious global accommodations. E.C.S. Jet - Ronkonkoma, NY (ISP) - We provide the widest range of charter ed charter aircraft, empty trains and privately owned aircraft with global destination.

We have a wide range of turboprops, lightweight aircraft, medium, large and medium sized aircraft and executives in our aircraft family. Air Haul - King Salmon, AK (AKN) - We charter sightseeing tours, heli-fishing tours or drop-off/pick-up for those who want to discover savage Alaska, and much, much, much, much more! Visit our website for more information. e-Jet Charter Broker - Douglas, Isle of Man - e-Jet has been on the air for 12 years and provides VIP, executive, cargo, group, air ambulance and helicopter charter services.

EIJet Aviation Services - Las Vegas, NV (VNY) - Empty Legs and Privatjets charter on luxurious company aircraft. Miami, FL (MIA) - Aviation Charter is one of the most renowned and respected charter airlines in the upper Midwest. The Aviation Charter offers a personalised aircraft adventure to suit your schedule and your investment.

FACONA PUBLIC JETS - Manchester, UK - FACONA is a charter broker located at Manchester Airport, specialising in providing personalised sporting and entertaining experience for VIPs by plane or chopper. Worldwide - First Myllykoski - First Myllykoski - First Air in Ottawa, Canada - First Myllykoski Airport offers a diverse range of aircraft for regular airline service with passengers and freight.

They are all shingle and icebreaker aircraft designed to land in isolated areas, and many are combined (combi) aircraft suitable for a variety of passenger/freight configuration. Carlsbad, CA (OKB) - FlightOn Jet Corporation is a full-service privately-held aircraft broking group that procures the best commercial aircraft in the industry for our customers.

Enjoy a pleasure cruise with a Fixed Wing Aircraft over Chennai. The GH Charter Aircraft GmbH - Unterföhring/Munich - GH Charter Aircraft GmbH is an independant charter broker offering private and corporate charter services. EnterJet LLC - Winter Park, FL (ORL) - GiveJet is a charter and charter airline focused on providing its clients with the best possible experiences.

Utrecht, Netherlands - H2H Aviation is a specialised charter broker for recreational, commercial and group tours in Europe. The Jackson Aviation Group - New York City, NY - As a boutique agent, Jackson Aviation Group provides services to clients looking for a smooth, simple way from point A to point A - as well as those who need world-class aircraft managment for their own aircraft.

Jet Charters - Knoxville, TN - We are a privately held global airline charter company. Contact our global fleet of charter agents directly for your next flight around the clock. Lauderdale, FL (FXE) - Fort Lauderdale-based jet fleet management uses a global ecosystem of selected, world-class aircraft carriers duly chartered by seasoned charter aircraft teams who fly later models.

JetHub LLC - Scottsdale, AZ (SDL) - - Charter airline companies use the best aircraft carriers to give our customers direct contact to the aircraft of their choice. InternationalJets - Quincy, MA (BOS) - Privatefjet Charter, InternationalJets is more than just a luxurious privately chartered aircraft. CJR Aviation - New York, NY - CJR Aviations provides full range of charter aircraft.

Every one of your charter can be converted from a resort retreat into a production boardroom to optimally meet the needs of your group. Pax and Cargo and some restricted pilots. Vegas Charter - Las Vegas, NV (LAS) - Las Vegas Charter is a privately held charter and charter business committed to reducing the costs of chartering privately owned jets without sacrificing privacy, security or client care.

Doylestown, PA (DYL) - Lead Edge aviation is a leader in charter travel and flight operations, providing charter travel and flight operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout the East Coast. Phoenix, AZ (PHX) - Lido Jets has every jet. As your lead charter broker, we offer unprecedented charter brokerage support to the charter world.

Los Angeles Charters links clients with charter companies around the world. Aircraft and helicopter charter. Luxembourg Airlines - South Burlington, VT (BTV) - Global full-service charter broker with over 20 years aerospace expertise. Seattle, WA - My Seattle, WA is a privately held charter business located in Seattle, WA.

Empty cross country routes are offered to meet your needs. Flight Charter - Jackson, WY (JAC) - Since 2004 - Best Price Guarantee - Perfect Safety Story - The Largest Choice - Customer and Industry Reviews - Empty Legs Listing & Pricing Directory - One of the oldest and most prestigious in the industry.

Tamarac, FL (FXE) - Orlando Jet Charter organizes charter air travel to/from Orlando and provides aircraft operations control and merchandising in Central/North Florida. 24 hour round-the-clock service to enjoy hundreds of miles of private aircraft and requisites. The Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Business Jobs - Leesburg, VA (JYO) - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Company Charter - Paramount Business Jobs - Paramount Group.

pelican charter DWC LLC - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Pelican charter is a specialized flight charter operator & luxury airline located in Dubai, UAE. 40 years of personal aerospace expertise. Concentration on secure and dependable operations and unprecedented levels of customer support. Cartersville, GA (VPC) - Phoenix is a U.S. certified carrier headquartered in Cartersville, Georgia, USA, which serves a broad spectrum of customers by offering a broad spectrum of transportation related products and solutions.

The Prestige Jets - London, Great Britain - Prestige Jets is the UK's premier specialist for privately chartered jets and helicopters. Offers personal charter airline service to corporate, personal and corporate customers around the world. Spain - Malaga, Spain - Europe - Spain - Private Spain - offers charter airlines, charter airlines, charter airlines, private airline travel, freight and emergency service in Spain, Malaga, Madrid, Paris, Ibiza, London and Moscow.

Give us a call for your personal aircraft, flight charter and rental car to and from Spain. North Miami Beach, FL (MIA) - With 5,000 privately-owned aircraft and 140 qualified professionals around the world, the best option for chartering, choosing your preferred aircraft is easy. - Cannon, SD (HON) - Skyways LTD is proud to provide you with a charter on board your Beechcraft King Air 200.

This is the quick and effective way to do your South Dakota based charter operations throughout South Dakota and the entire state. Statuary Jet, LLC - Addison, TX (ADS) - Status Jet is more than just a privately owned charter carrier, we concentrate on transforming each individual trip into a truly personal travel experiences combining outstanding services with our high standard of care.

Farmingdale, NY - Talon Myllykoski is the leading provider of on-demand charter and charter airline charter solutions. Owning and operating a fresh aircraft squadron operated by seasoned drivers, Talon provides luxurious conveniences and convenient conveniences for a smooth journey environment. Van Nuys, CA (VNY) - The Early air way - dependable charter and charter firm that provides business charter and charter of jets for charter in the United States and other states.

Trávcon Charter Brokers - Oberuzwil, Switzerland - TraVcon optimises your travelling season with tailor-made long-haul tours. As a specialist for shuttles with Businessjets, TraVcon connects towns that are not easy to reach with traditional regular services. Istanbul - Turkey - Turkish Air Charter has worked for many years in the airline industry by specialist staff, it was founded in 2007 in Istanbul/Turkey.

Boca Raton, FL (BCT) - VidaJets provides a truly unrivalled and extraordinary level of customer support, a broad array of charter choices and an attractive selection of global destinations . VIPFLY LLC - Pompano Beach, FL - VIPFLY is a member aircraft community that unites up to 10,000 member aircraft under 2,800 licenced carriers around the world. VIPFLY LLC - Pompano Beach, FL - VIPFLY is a member aircraft community that unites up to 10,000 member aircraft under 2,800 licenced carriers around the world.

Provides its customers with Air Charter Services through its Brokerage Service. Global service. WJO will install Wi-Fi on every plane.

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