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Receive the latest Jet Airways news / updates and results / analysis. Jet travelers are bleeding after the crews forget to keep their cabins pressurized. Fall leading to nasal and auditory bleedings from passenger airplanes. A civil servant at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that Jet AirwaysNSE -1.80% B737 planes flying 9W 697 on September 20, 2018 (Mumbai-Jaipur) had an airline inversion to Mumbai as cabins were pressurized by the blame of the dashboard team.

Airways has disarmed pilot until the inquiry is completed. "During the ascent, the crews forgeted to choose the air vent button, which could not maintain cab pressure. Consequently, oxy mask were used, " the officer said. According to preliminary information, only a few people have nosebleeds, the officer added. "Of the 166 people aboard, 30 have nosebleeds, only a few have bleedings and some complain of headaches.

Every passenger affected will be cared for by the physicians at the airport," the officer continued. Airportsources added that about 10 people were taken to hospitals for further examination. Airways said they took the pilot off the job until the examination. "While awaiting the inspection, the aircraft's cabin crews were dismissed from their planned tasks.

Airlines reported that the plane normally arrived in Mumbai. Only a few patients who were complaining about earache, nosebleeds, etc. were given first aid," she said. According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, it had asked the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) to submit the relevant document without delay. "We' re emasculating the team.

A BFU officer informed PTI that, according to provisional information, this could be a case of pilot fault, as the inspection of the cab depressurisation is part of the pre-flight inspection. He said that the DGCA would investigate the case first and then decide whether the case should be forwarded to the BFU.

Severe events and casualties are submitted to the BFU for further examination.

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