Boeing 747 Private Jet for Sale

747 Boeing private jet for sale

Probably the most expensive private jet is the Boeing 747-8 VIP with a value of up to 400 million US dollars. The most popular in the actual sales figures are the :. Choose brand and model above to search for more private jets for sale. Are you interested in buying or selling a private jet? 747 Boeing seats can now be purchased as the Japanese All Nippon Airways has started selling them from a decommissioned aircraft.

Cataran King's and Queen's Family put their Boeing 747-8 jet up for sale for 500 million pounds.

Boeing 747-8 features breathtaking 10 bathroom facilities, multiple lounge facilities on two levels and breathtaking master bedroom furnishings. Initially the aircraft was built for 467 persons, but the King of Qatar had most of the seats taken out for reasons of shelter. The aircraft now accommodates 76 occupants and 18 members of the flight crews and was operated for a combined 403.2h.

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747 Boeing seats on offer

If you are an air travel enthusiast or an casual traveller, recently an interesting article has been offered for sale. 747 Boeing seating can now be bought as the Japanese All Nippon Airways has started selling them from a disused aircraft. Although it may not be suitable for everyone, it is now an optional replica of the flying experiences of an air carrier in your home or work!

Sits are available in kits of individual or twin seat and will always remind you of this airplane forever.

Qatar's UAE "gives Turkey 500 million dollars private jet".

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's Prime Minister, says he received a jet valued at approximately $500 million (£380 million) from Qatar's UAE. Sheikh Tamim Al Thani gave the Boeing 747-8i to the state of Turkey after learning that he was interested in purchasing it, Mr Erdogan said. Members of the Opposite Party had voiced their concerns that the US government was using taxpayers' funds to buy a plane while the US was struggling to avoid a global economic downturn.

Qatar has been supported by Turkey in a one-year duel with other Arabian states. After its only landborder was shut and vessels operating to it were banished from many harbours, Turkey sent foodstuffs by maritime and aviation to avoid bottlenecks in Qatar's super markets. Boeing 747-8i was described by The Drive website as "the biggest and most costly private jet in the world" when it went on sale last November.

According to reports, the plane was not shipped to Qatar until 2015, when it was converted for 76 instead of the normal 400 people. Last weekend, after the jet arrived in Turkey, an MP from the opposite party put a request to Vice-President Fuat Oktay to find out whether it had been bought by the state.

In a conversation with journalists who flew with him from Azerbaijan to Turkey over the week-end, Erdogan said the Qatari ambassador gave the aircraft as a present after hearing that the Turks had shown interest. "And he said, "I will not take from Turkey any cash. It is a present I give to Turkey," said Sheikh Hamad, the Speaker.

Mister Erdogan said to informers that the aircraft was being painted, and added: In the past few months, the Qatari Empire adopted a $15 billion (11.4 billion pounds) bundle of investment, deposit and business plans to help Turkey's economies and currencies. This year the value of the Turkish krai has fallen by almost 40% against the US dollar, fueled by concerns about Mr Erdogan's impact on exchange rate policies and a dispute with the United States over diplomacy.

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