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Can I check my Chatr account balance and how much money I have? three. What can I do to add money to my Chatr account? Forgot my username or password. Enter a search for things like "Pay My Bill" or "Email Troubleshooting".

Payment your bill online.

You have many options to settle your bill and you can select the most comfortable one. If you want to settle your bill on-line, please do this: You will need to complete these steps: Browse to your account by clicking "My Account" in the top toolbar and then clicking "Billing". Log in to your account on the next page by typing your username and password.

Choose your preferred option. It is possible to fund your with a current or saving account or with most common debit card. To set up AutoPay with, you must do so: Browse to your account by clicking "My Account" in the top toolbar and then clicking "Billing".

Log in to your account on the next page by typing your username and password. Select your preferred mode of payments, you can set up automatic payments with your current account, your saving account or all common debit card. Specify the detail of the way of paying. Charter Spectrum's invoice can be paid by telephone using Charter Spectrum's automatic system or with one of the Charter Spectrum Call Centre employees.

Your bill can be paid by current account, saving account or all common debit card. Please submit your account number and your bank transfer to the appropriate billing address: If you are a California resident, select the appropriate billing location for you:

Spectrum Charter Email Login Help and Password Reset/Recovery

Charter Communication (today Spectrum) is one of the biggest phone and wire services companies in the USA. net offers a web mail services with its Spectrum web subscriptions. With each Spectrum account, a subscriber can generate up to seven e-mail adresses. A new subscriber who has a Spectrum user name creates will get a free e-mail message that is their Spectrum user name followed by

If your user name is john. aoe, for example, your e-mail e-mail should be sent to the following address: Clients who have registered before renaming the services will still be able to use their charter, their net login information to gain account control and their e-mail adress. Use a web browsers or portable application to get your charter or Spectrum e-mail.

In order to register, go to the Spektrum. net signage in page at You can also go to the home page of the Spectrum website and click on the Log In button at the top of the page. When this is the first login or if you are a client of a recently combined Charter Communications company, you may see a request for your postcode so that you can be redirected to the right login page for your particular company.

The next thing you see is the Spectrum login page heading "Enter Your Sign-In Info". Please type in your Spectrum user name or your e-mail adress. And if you haven't already registered a user name, click the Create a user name button and obey the on-screen prompts. Activate the checkbox Remove Me so that your login data is retrieved the next for you.

Click the Log In icon to log in to your account. After logging in, you can view your e-mail accounts, TV on line, bill, etc. For general help on using your e-mail account and sending and receiving emails, please read our e-mail support guide.

PROBLEMS TO YOUR ACCOUNT? There is a technical support staff to help you get back to your e-mail immediately! Spectrum Web Service subscribers can set up to seven free e-mail adresses. We use your physical or admin user name and e-mail to administer your account and have full account functionality.

Generate extra user names and e-mail accounts for home members. The default user names have restricted privileges, but contain a different e-mail account for each user name. Have you not yet created your Spectrum user name? Go to the login page and click the Make User Name button at the bottom of the page.

If you have set up your primary Spectrum nickname, you can now create extra default nicknames, each with an associated e-mail account and an inbox. Perform these operations to create another default account. Log on to as normal. The next step is to click the My Account button at the top of the page.

At the bottom of the page you will see a listing of all available nicknames that are already associated with your account. Your new default login will be created. You can also update a default UI to an administrator UI. Each new default nickname has a child lock that prevents adults from accessing it.

When you need to adjust these preferences, go to My Account and adjust the option under Preferences. In case you have lost your user name, you can restore it by pressing "Forgot your user name or password? "directly above the Login pushbutton on the login page. In the following display, select Get User Name, Get Password, or both.

The next step is to enter the e-mail that you provided when you signed up for your account, or your number. You can also enter your charter or Spectrum account number and surname. It is part of the authentication procedure that makes sure that you are the rightful owners of the account.

You will now receive a six-digit validation key via e-mail, SMS or voicemail based on the validation methods you have chosen. You can now return to the login page and type in your new data to get your e-mail and other service permission.

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