Custom 747 Interiors

747 Customer-specific interiors

Recently, the interior of an unknown billionaire's Boeing 747 was unveiled and, as expected, shows nothing but absolute extravagance. Within the 607 million dollar Boeing 747 jet. The villa, which flies inwardly, radiates a luxurious air, full of the more refined things of everyday live that bring joy so free and easy that one could say without a touch of arrogance that the mysterious millionaire is the kind who regards non luxurious daily lives as a sunless one. He took the trouble to equip his plane with riches and luxuries, giving it a feeling of exclusivity, wonder and enchantment.

Featuring these exceptional pictures of a giant jump engine transformed into a luxurious home for a mysterious millionaire - full of bedroom, lounge and on-board dining - you'll find that the owners have a classy character dedicated to luxurious pleasures. Supposedly, the custom-built Boeing 747 is said to have costed its super-rich owners 400 million pounds after it was rebuilt into a luxurious house to meet their exact requirements for more than three years.

Normally the Jumbo-Jet would carry up to 600 people, but this special model was designed for only one rich person. However, he will be able to eat with tens of people in his giant dinning room, where food will be provided in an adjacent living room and state room at the back of the aircraft if he so desires.

The "" aeroloft" " on the upper decks of the ship offers more sleep capacity, with eight full berths for those preferring to sleep on a flight with their eyes closed. This is a Boeing 747-8 and can accommodate up to 600 people. The luxurious cabin, which you will soon see, was therefore constructed in a Boeing 747-8 similar to this one.

Those preferring to get out of sight will find more room to stay in the "aeroloft" on the upper decks of the ship with eight full bunks. This £400 million aircraft has a large main room with a large berth, easy chair and couch in case the owners need to unwind.

An airplane meeting room could be just the place for high-altitude corporate gatherings, with its long central counter. Here the possessor can take his Chillpillen. Although the lounging décor is just like a luxurious motel, it has its real place in an aircraft similar to that of commercially operated carriers.

This can be booked as a dinner in one of the most pricey hotel in the word, but this is a dinner on the airplane. There is a large lounge in the centre of the aircraft, which is connected to a galley, so that the owners can use the service of a personal head cook.

However, the Jumbo-Jet is one of the most flamboyant privately owned aircraft ever built, with the pricing label said to have costed its owners a whopping £400 million. Not only does this jumpbo jets take care of its owners, it also takes care of its people. Part of the aircraft is reserved for the sunbathing visitors to watch TV, as the ship can accommodate several dozens of people.

Simply embrace it, the inside of this plane seems to be much more appealing than the First Classic on business outings.

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