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Hello everyone had any experience with bestjet? When I booked my flights, I sent an e-mail to request a change. Technical Center » Where can I apply for a modification or an offer to modify your reservation? In order to ask for a modification or an offer to modify your reservation, please fill in and send the Route Modification Questionnaire.

Every flight ticket has valid tariff regulations as they have been interpreted and arranged..... "How can I ask for a cancellation or an offer to void your reservation?

In order to apply for your reservation to be cancelled, please fill in and send the reservation cancelation enquiry sheet. Make sure you fill in all the required information on the contact page. "If I have to cancele my ticket, will I get a bonus or a reimbursement? Cancelation Ticket allows the cancelation of airline ticket in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ticket and fare issuer.

Occasionally, this may mean that the tickets will not be refunded..... "How do I change the name on my tickets? Because of the airline's enhanced safety, the name on your passports must always correspond to the name on your e-ticket. You are responsible for ensuring that you check with the carrier before your flight to make sure that you are informed of any changes. recommends the timetable..... "How do I input my number as a frequently flier? allows you to capture your carrier's number at the moment of reservation on the page with the private data. "How early do I have to fly in for my trip? When you travel on a home flights, you will be asked to select a min. of:

When you travel on an intercontinental plane, you are in demand..... "What happens if I miss ed my plane? You should contact the ticket office of the carrier directly if you lost your ticket. Depending on your tariff terms, the carrier may reserve you on the next available route......

» Is it possible to assign my tickets to another people? A complete change of name or assignment of a flight to another individual is not allowed by any carrier. "What do I do if my FFP points are gone? Multiple Flier Points can take up to eight week to earn you multiple flier points at the end of your trip.

Your points have been added to your account for control.....

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