Bbj 747 Interior

747 Interior fittings

BBJ supplies the VIP 747 in a "green" condition, i.e. there is no interior decoration, so that the owner can design it according to his own wishes. The Gulfstream Galley von International Jet Interiors

Two 737 BBJs for Royal Jet will be completed by Lufthansa Technik.

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Some years ago Albert Pinto Interior Designs was for the first with the interior of a BBJ 747-8 assigned. They were given a licence to work in a family-friendly environment that is both tradition and new. That was the slogan of Alberto Pinto, who passed away in November 2012 at the tender age of 69 when his younger brother Linda took over.

Twenty years earlier, this regulation was introduced by the designers, and the Paris Place des Victoires designers continued to respect it when they created the furnishings on this BBJ 747-8, the largest kind of privately owned aircraft. The first " jumpbo " created by the Alberto Pinto Cabinet was finished on schedule and within budget and could be put into operation by the lucky owners at the end of 2015.

Known for its versatile approaches, luxury detailing and sophistication, Alberto Pinto Interior Design is three key ingredients when it comes to designing for renowned global customers around the globe, be it homes, offices, airfields, hotel, yachts or aircraft. Pinto's wide range of stylistic and artistic choices has enabled the company to achieve a good equilibrium between the contemporary and the classic, and to apply this know-how in the smallest space, as well as in large areas in the residential and commercial sector.

Cabinet Alberto Pinto designs d├ęcors that satisfy its customers' many wishes, while at the same time giving a sophisticated elegant air that harmonises wonderfully with richness. Prior to Alberto Pinto Interior Designs being commissioned with the development and interior decoration of the world's biggest personal jets, it had proven its worth in the interior decoration of two Airbuses, an Airbus 319 and an Airbus 320, which installed an owner's bedroom and a genuine galley for all kinds of moods in the two 19-seaters.

Acropolis Aviation in the UK and AMAC in Basel produced the second (and Boeing 747-8) of these two AJs. "He gave us a license from the landlord. A much-traveled proprietor just said that he wanted to be at home in his aircraft, so we chose to make a rather contemporary ambience that was quite traditionally in the end.

Currently there are less than 10 privately owned aircraft of this type in service and the total costs of a BBJ 747-8 cannot be likened to even the most stunning mansions or super yachts.

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