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Private flying aircraft

Here are your possibilities for a private flight, whether once or regularly. It is easy to understand why people fly private planes. Taking pets on board a private aircraft can be less stressful for pets and their owners, but requires some planning.

There are five legends about private jet airplanes

Have you ever seen a private plane in the air or on the taxiway, you have probably asked yourself to which fame it belongs. In fact, many aircraft are charters, not private property of a big feline or popular actor, and are used primarily for commercial purposes, not for leisure. It'?s a mysterious universe, so here are five private plane legends.

You' ve got to be as wealthy as Donald Trump to ride in a private plane. "Yes, it will help if you want to own a Boeing 757 in Executive configurations like his, but that's not a fact for 99.9% of the population," says Mark H. Lefever, chairman and CEO of Avjet, a brokers and consultants.

If you want to hire, the response is no. There are even better offers before you go for your debit cards, according to Doug Gollan, editor-in-chief of DG Amazon Experience, a newsletters for private aircraft operators and travellers. "JetSuite recently began to offer private jets to Cuba, with one-way fares for up to six travelers for $11,152 from Key West (JetSuite says it is the individual passenger's sole authority to obtain their own permit to fly to Cuba, which the U.S. federal administration only permits under certain authorized categories).

"They can also get to the multiplicity of yacht brokerage companies that usually don't own airplanes, but airplanes that are available for charters, and then find five boyfriends and share the cost," says Gollan. "2 "2. if adverse conditions force business travel to be delayed or cancelled, private jet travel must also do so.

The Lefever says that's not the truth. Privatjets have the possibility to arrive at many more airfields than passenger planes and quickly modify schedules. One private plane, he says, "can submit a new schedule and fly to Oakland, which is not much further from San Francisco's city centre than the SFO airport," with minimum delay.

Privatjets are not as secure as airline companies. "The statistics can be compared in various ways, but there have been more deaths among passengers on regular services than on private and charters," says Lefever over the last 15 years. Comparing the number of accidents per operating hours shows less disparity, but the real thing is that both are ultra safer and security is always number one for both, says Lefever.

While you may be flying privately, you still have to go through safety and TSA. Merchant carriers operate quicker than private aircraft. that' flying by your windows on a trans-continental plane? Probably a private plane. "Lefever says the quickest airliners in the skies are private, according to the type of aircraft in use.

"and often over the unpredictable and turbulent conditions they cause."

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