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Taxicab - GTA 5 Wiki manual

A taxi is a bus that travels around Los Santos frequently. From the Vapid Stanier, the taxi has a "Taxi Car" patch in small chromed characters at the bottom right of the boot panel, instead of the italic "Vapid" lettering used on the normal Stanier civil.

A taxi goes to the customs and beer garage of Los Santos, but can only be mended there. A taxi can be taken through the washing machine. In addition to a normal FM taxi, the taxi also has a "Dispatch" taxi for taxi missions. As in earlier matches, the ability to take the players by taxi to a target is back in the hand.

Participating in taximissions also reverts to the original gameplay. Once you have received a taxi, you will be prompted to initiate a collection. On request, the Downtown Cab Co. taxi center will transmit the coordinates to the vehicle's global positioning system (GPS) and the itinerary to the place where the customer will be.

Players receive the ticket price for the trip and, according to the tour type, a large tip. For still unidentified reason, however, the passengers can get out of the cab when they have reached their destinations and leave without having to pay. Destroy the passengers and you'll get the cash immediately.

An invoked taxi (by telephone or by calling on the street) is displayed as a symbol on the mini-map. If the symbol is present, your person enters the taxi as a passanger by pushing Y or triangle. If he calls as Franklin for a taxi, he will speak to the normalispatcher.

However, it seems that Michael and Trevor talk to Franklin when they call a taxi, at least after Franklin has bought the Downtown Cab flat. "Suitcase TAXI CAR" badge: The video gamer is loaded. Bug 4: The medium is not compatible with the current version of the software. The video gamer is loaded.

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