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Colombo Sri Lanka Airlines in the service of Colombo Sri Lanka

The airlines flying to Colombo Bandaranayake are listed here. Ratmalana Airport, which mainly serves domestic destinations, is the other airport serving the city of Colombo. Large Asian airlines serve Sri Lanka well, including Air Asia, the budget favourite. The Bandaranaike International Airport is the largest airport in Sri Lanka and serves Colombo, the capital of the country. Discount flights to Colombo airport.

What is the best timeframe to travel to Sri Lanka? As a rule, you will find cheap air fares between the rain periods. Low Season: You will find the best cheap Sri Lanka departures during the monsoon period, which can last from October to December or January. It is still a good idea to plan and book your Sri Lanka trip in ahead to get your cheap airline ticket, and despite the monsoon period it can still be quite crowded in some places.

What is the best timing to make a booking for a Sri Lanka trip? The goal is to make your reservations for your Sri Lanka trip at least two or three month in advance, although if you want to get a good deal you should try even before. Summers climax can also be excruciatingly warm and damp, but by and large the warm temperatures can be experienced most of the year.

When you can be agile when you are traveling, you will find the best cheap Sri Lanka connections. What is the duration of the Sri Lanka trip? From London to Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka: 10h45. From Manchester to Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka: 12h30. From Birmingham to Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka: 12h55.

From Glasgow to Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka: 13h55. What airlines offer services to Sri Lanka? The most important airlines to offer relatively low cost air travel to Sri Lanka are Sri Lankan and Qatar Airways. Occasionally you may find Emirates and British Airways airline ticket, but they are not as frequent.

As soon as your arrival in Sri Lanka, you can take an international plane service to the central coach station. As soon as you have booked your plane ticket to Sri Lanka, it is advisable to check which hotel offers a transfer to the city.

Discount flights from Melbourne to Colombo, Sri Lanka

What is the best moment to pay a call to Colombo? Colombo is best visited during the arid months (January to March). Meanwhile, the shortage of rains is attracting tourists from near and far, pushing up hotel, airline and tour rates. The Duruthu Perahera Festival takes place in January, and its appeal makes it an extremely popular holiday year.

To travel on a budgeted basis and want to prevent the masses of people, come and see Colombo during the wet period. The May is a brief mid-season that provides good opportunities for travelers. In November, if you want to see Sri Lanka's largest culture event, Diwali, go to Colombo.

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