Private Jet Bedroom

Jet Private Bedroom

Have private planes got berths? There are many advantages to private jetting, but the ability to make 40 winds during your trip is at the top of the agenda for many people. The Private Jet Charters section often answers queries from demanding customers, such as what kind of meals to be expected in a private jet and whether you can take your pet on the plane, but one of the most frequently asked queries is - will my private jet have a cot?

Seat and sleep configurations vary greatly between the countless different airplane models, all of which have been meticulously engineered to offer private jet occupants the highest level of passenger comforts. Have a look at the different private jet models and what kind of sleep is available. Turbo-props and lightweight planes are usually used for brief stays between towns and therefore usually do not offer lying areas as sleep is not a top concern.

However, onboard the smaller jet models, convenience is still important - the Embraer Phenom 100 provides large, adjustable seats for travelers, a roomy cab and an stunning luggage area. Big window and a roomy dashboard add to the overall comfortable of this plane. With the increasing sizes of private planes, berths become much more common.

Airplanes like the extremely beloved Cessna Citation XLS offer up to 6 fully adjustable chairs and, in some configuration, a sofa that allows a very good night's rest. The Cessna Citation XLS, despite its stunning features, was driven by economics and efficiencies over comforts. This is why Embraer's 450 and 500 private jets (which were equipped with passengers' comforts from the outset) offer incomparable seat configuration, spaciousness and extremely low noises.

Long haul and wide-body planes are used to their full advantage for longer, intercontinental trips. Since the main function of the jet is to travel long distance, convenience has really shaped the letter of intent and offered travellers the convenience of a home, even at 40,000ft. The majority of private jetliners in this class have loungers or deck-chairs that can be transformed into large, shallow sleep areas.

Gulfstream G550, G650 and Gu650ER all have stunning seats that can be transformed into the dimensions of a European Queens bedroom - undoubtedly suitable for a lady. A number of long-haul private aircraft even have a cab interior design on the back of the cab, basically a private bedroom.

Are you looking for the highest level of convenience and would rather be travelling with the comforts of a mid-size home, then a rebuilt passenger plane is the way to go. Often these palace-like airplanes are fitted with full rooms, bathroom and dinner room. The BBJ is built on the success of the passenger jet model BB737 and features more than 800 square metres of surface area, several reclining flate berths, various seat arrangements and a private main bedroom with en-suite bath.

Those wide-body planes need to be seen to be felt. When you' re just looking for a plane with a single berth, this can be a bit awkward, unless your whole big house needs one too.

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