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Find out how to find and access the Spectrum Internet Speed Test online. Go to the Speed Test page and click the Start Test button to start your speed test. Internet speed test trusted by millions of people.

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Charter Speed Test, formally known as Charter Communications Nationwide Speed Test, is an online speed test offered and endorsed by Charter, a large US web service provider. Checking your web access with the Charter Speed Test is free and available to everyone, but is probably best reserved for charter clients (see bottom of page).

It is the same speed test for Broadband and Cable Warner. As with most speed testing out there, the charter test only takes a click or type to get started: Go to and await this to be loaded. Once everything is done, you'll see an overview display showing your downloading and uploading bandwith, as well as graphs of your web speed over what amount of testing was required.

Beneath you can see your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the servers used during the test. When you are planning to test your charter link regularly, recording each test somewhere is an intelligent notion, especially if you are planning to put an argument to charter over your too sluggish high-speed link.

As with most speed testing out there, Charter's works by fetching and loading specific size files and recording how long it will take. Charter's speed test uses OKLA softwares, the same softwares used by most of the ISPs, as well as large test vendors like What makes the difference between a chance OOKLA-based test and the Charter Speed Test is that Charter's automatic connection will connect to the nearest test servers on Charter's intranet.

To some extent, this means that the test is not very precise, but the precision of speed testing on the web is somewhat biased anyway. When you use the Charter Speed Test to see how good your link is between your home computer set-up and the Charter server offering your web services, this test is "accurate".

It is a complicated ecosystem of server, router and other equipment. Learn how to test your speed on the web to decide which type of speed test is best on the basis of what you want. These five speed test guidelines are designed to help you get more precise numbers no matter which test you use.

However, some ISPs restrict their speed checks to clients on their own networks, but Charter does not and basically offers a speed test at their own expense. So while you may like to use Charter's speed test to benchmarks your web access, it's probably less useful than running your own ISP's speed test, but more useful than a Flash-based test page.

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