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Take a look at the wide range of aircraft we offer and how you can rent them. Walk directly from your car to the plane without any problems of the airline. freighter charter Our global provision of ICAO brokering service, our scale, our facilities and our expertise in ICAO give us a distinct advantage. There is a wide spectrum of freighter aircraft at our disposal, from small jet aircraft for fast delivery to freighter aircraft for heavier goods. Our customer advisors are all fully trained and have spend valuable airport space, so they know the complicated detail of how chartered aircraft work.

At the ACW World Air Cargo Awards, the ACN Airline of the Year award and the Payload Asia Awards, the airline was named "Air cargo broker of the year 2016". WHEREFORE USE ASCS FOR FREIGHTER-CHARTERING? Air representation: One of our local chart specialists can help you ensure that all facets of your freight chart run seamlessly.

More airport access: Reach underserved sites so your freight gets nearer to its ultimate goal. Every one of our charters specialists has completed extensive initial instruction and spends valuable airport space to fully appreciate what it means to handle a charters journey from beginning to end.

Worldwide Cover: No matter where your freight needs to be shipped to or from, our worldwide branch office ecosystem provides you with locally based expertise on a worldwide basis. Affordability: Our purchasing strength and reputations allow us to provide you with the best freight charters so you always get the most affordable solutions.

Choosing the aircraft: With 50,000 planes to choose from, we always find the right one for your freight. Your own customer advisor: your own charters specialist is available around the clock to help you with all your needs. Let us know your needs and one of our charters specialists will make you an offer.

HIRE AIRCRAFT - Take Flight Aviation (Take Flight Aviation)

In contrast to many flight training centres and flight club s Take Flight Aviation members have the possibility to rent planes without restrictions. There are no "minimum hours" so you can rent a plane for a single working days, weekends or longer and only rent for the period the plane is used. As soon as the plane is chartered, no one can change or supplement the reservation, the plane belongs to you as if it were your own.

Our students members and PPL owners are valued alike, so there are always planes available for rent and teaching PPL planes. More than ten planes to select from, it is no wonder that we say: - Heaven is no longer the border!

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