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The George Taxi Service

The famous Greek taxi driver George is practically an institution in Greece. Well, I know that sometimes I just frivolously refer to George. Three County Cab Inc. provides taxi services to Glens Falls, NY and surrounding areas.

George's Taxi (Athens) - 2018 Everything you need to know before you go (with photos)

Sure you want to remove this query? George's Taxi needs you to communicate directly with him by e-mail, which you can get through the website. Normally you end up paying in Euro at the end of the trip - this was no big deal during our visit in April. You are strongly advised to make the supplement for the travel leader when you go to the Acropolis - you will not be sorry.

The 90 Euro was definitely a good price for Vivian. You sure you want to remove this reply?

Georges the famous taxi driver from Athens, Greece

I' m George Kokkotos. I' m a taxi in Greece. He' s no common cabbie. I' m the best cabbie in Greece. Well, at least that's what they say, and that's what I'm trying to be. Twenty-five years ago I was selling my New York based business to return to Greece, where my wife and daughter were and always will be.

Saving enough to start a new existence, but in Greece it's not as simple as in America and so I became a taxi operator to provide for my ancestors. Taxi driving in Athens is hard. It became clear to me that I didn't want to be just another taxi rider in Athens fighting to keep my whole line of work.

My decision was to become the best taxi rider in Athens, and that's what I set myself as my target. So I started to learn the story of my own nation to provide information and to be more than just a rider. I then started to work with the tourist offices that helped them with transfer from the airports to the hotel, to cruiseships, to ferries and everything that made the journey to Greece easy for their customers.

I then started to make tours through Athens, to the Parthenon, to the Parthenon, to the museum, to shops (I could save many lives by negotiating for them), and to places like the nice Poseidon Tempel at Cape Sounion (photo), where you can see some of the most spectacular sundowns in a spectacular environment and have dinner in one of the small fishing taverns on the shore under or along the Athens coast street.

I then began to bring humans to places like Delphi with his famed oracle, Meteora and the convents on these big cliffs, and also to the Peleponessos. Today I take with me travellers on excursions to historical Nafplion, the former Greek capitol, Mycenae and its imposing remains, Corinth with its channel and fort above the town and many other places.

We stop at every excursion at the beach, silent tavernas, secluded church and monastery, because if you see Greece this way, you have the liberty to see everything and to stop and look at everything that arouses your interest. I' ve taken long journeys around the continent and also the island with me.

I' ve even brought some of the best places in and around Athens that would be hard to find alone. Just taking folks to places most tourist never see. A few travellers sign me up to be there when their boats come from the islands, so they don't have to be part of the insane hurry to find a taxi along with everyone else.

You get out of the ship and find me there willing to take you to your guesthouse, the airports or wherever you want to go. There are some who want me to be at the airports to take them to their hotels because you know you are much better when you arrive in a new place, when you know that someone is awaiting you who can speak English and know where you are going.

We can also find out for you the precise timetables for those who have difficulty interpreting Greece's timetables so that you can make the most of your stay between hotels, departures and departures. I' ve got a brand-new Mercedes taxi. If you are travelling with me, whether it is a half-day tour of Athens or a week-long tour of the countryside, I can assure you that you will come back with an appreciation of Greece that you will appreciate and that you may have the best holiday of your lifetime.

You' ll be eating the best meal and being handled like a visitor to my land, and when we say good-bye at the airports, you' ll be saying good-bye to a boyfriend you will always recall and who hopes to see again. That'?s why I say I'm the best cab driver in Greece.

Email today is so untrusted that if you have an alternative email that George can answer his cc, this is useful, especially if you use Hotmail, Comcast ( especially ) or other untrusted emailers. Note the different times between your town and Athens. Please feel free to email us at any given moment, but please only call us between 8am and 10pm (Greece time) so we can get some rest.

A limousine and a coach are now available for groups that are too big for a taxi. Please also note that we are not certified travel agents or privately owned taxis. If you feel it is necessary for you to have a complete comprehension of what you are seeing, we can organise a tourist leader for you, and there are tourist leaders in most places that you can rent.

Over 7 persons? I' m Billy Kokkotos and I live in Athens, a beautiful place of historical, artistic and cultural life since I was 8 years old when our familiy moved to the USA. I wanted to work with my dad. In a way this annoyed him because I think he wanted me to be an economist or something more after having spent so much of my life and my studies.

For me myself, though, I rather want to interactively show my nation to humans than sitting in front of a computer that works with numbers and talks to humans about cash all the while. Explaining to my dad that my passion for Greece's past and cultures, my fluency in English and Italian, and the fact that I like being a hospitality guest and showing my citizens my town and my countryside have made me better qualified for a tourist rather than business careers.

In the end he gave in and took me into the shop and I teamed up with him and my older brother Dennis (a qualified physiotherapist who preferred to ride a limousine) and started with the transfer from the airports and harbours and finally with my own touring. The next thing my dad saw was that the taxi had only four clients and the sedan had seven, so the next thing we had to do was buy a small coach that we could use for bigger groups.

And I think you will appreciate that busses don't get much more convenient than my air-conditioned Mercedes Luxury, which accommodates 12 persons and me. You and your group can be picked up at the airports, hotels or harbours of Pireaus, Rafina or Lavrion. As a minibus operator, I want to be as well known and regarded as my dad with his taxi.

If you need a transfer from the international airports to your accommodation or to the harbour of Pireau or if you want to go to the Acropolis, the Temple of Sound or the many places in and around Athens, I am at your disposal every time. Please check out George's new website at for more information on our service, trips and a shared travel messaging system.

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