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Website of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program UK. Latest tweets from the UK JET program (@ukjet programs). At JET we have established several Vedic Research Schools to play a proactive and responsible role in improving this world. Tempest, the new British fighter, will be a very British affair.

Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme UK

JET is a lengthy and highly competitive programme. Potential candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review our website and policies in order to make an educated choice as to whether they can participate in this effort. The JET programme is a two-stage procedure: In order to be able to access our on-line registration forms, you must be registered in our portal.

Make sure you are reading all directions thoroughly, saving them periodically, and do not attempt to send your request until all pertinent parts have been filled out. After sending the request it is not possible to fix any errors. Click on "Send" to get a PDF copy of your filled in job description sheet.

4 photocopies of this document must be sent to the Embassy of Japan in London together with a number of receipts. We must receive your resume in due time, otherwise your resume will not be used. Derogations from the time limit cannot be made. Rendered originals are not return.

Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme UK

Interested in Japan and willing to increase your understanding and esteem for Japan after your return; encouraged to take part in and start initiating exchanges in the domestic fellowship; and make efforts to learn or learn to speak and understand Japan before and after your return to Japan.

You are not entitled to enter the JET programme in the United Kingdom if you have a UK residence (resident in the United Kingdom but not a British citizen). For more information, please do not hesitate to visit the Japan Embassy in your home state. Students who have double nationality with Japan and Great Britain must give up their Japan nationality if they offer a job in the JET program.

Candidates who have double nationality in two different European Union Member States (with the exception of Japan) may submit applications in only one of these States. Have at least a Bachelor's or earn it by the date stated before your depart. be able to adjust to the lifestyles and working arrangements in Japan, which may differ significantly from those in the applicant's home Member State, and be able to meet the deadline for appointments in a responsible manner.

Only former members of JET; have had at least three years to participate in the JET program since their year of travel to Japan and have not taken part in the program for more than five years in all. in the last year of the program after receipt of the placing announcement have not rejected any job in the JET program.

In the last ten (10) years before the year of travel have not spent a combined six (6) or more years in Japan. they have an interest in continuing their relationship with Japan after the end of the programme. Mental and physical fitness to work in Japan for at least one year.

Only CIR; Have a good knowledge of Japan (ability corresponding to N1 or N2). A CIR candidate must not have successfully completed the JLPT N1 or N2 examination, but should have adequate knowledge of the language...).

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