Airplane Project for Sale

Aircraft project for sale

However, most were returned home for storage, sale or scrapping. The recently completed annual result makes this aircraft ready for action and takes you on new adventures. It' d be a great restoration project! Visit us regularly to get more aircraft sales and project plans! Airplanes have been sitting in the high desert of California for several years now.

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Are you looking for a great aerospace project or two? In 1946 Aeronca Champ CF-GIA was mostly used by a little old woman on Sunday. 1946 Aeronca Champ CF-DBK, new material and color, requires braces, steering cable and windscreen fitted (with windscreen). I am looking for a trustworthy contractor who is willing to construct an airplane hanger in CYSH.

I would like to start in September to lease land in a hot hanger for a Stinson 108 (similar in scale to a Cesna 172). I' m looking for a place to hit the tees. At Brockville International Airports there is a hot air hanger for one aircraft. 4 persons liferaft for sale, 40SLCC for sale. The aircraft was constructed by the later Jose G Broders in the 1960s and flew by him and the second possessor for 270 man hour until the 1970s.

The plane was not operated after that, because the second possessor was hurt in the plane of a boyfriend, went to BC and took the plane with him. Ottawa-based first-user bought the plane back in the later 1990s with the intent to use a bigger jet and fly it aerobically.

The plane was powered by a 270-hour ContiGen A65 engine. The planes were renovated if necessary and are prepared for the cover. As it has not been in operation for several years, Transport Canada wanted to carry out a pre-cover check on the aeroplane, so that this check was performed in 2005 and a copy of the cover clearance document is attached.

Cleveland 500 5 wheel, disk brake and brake caliper were fitted in the headboxes. 3900 dollars includes Continental's motor bracket and replacement Lyceoming 0235 motor bracket, nasal cowling, and all the drugs and substances he has at his fingertips for the project.

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Get a plane. We know that you will love to fly these planes as much as we have worked on them. We' re constantly buying new planes, so please come back regularly. The 180K was shipped from the United States to Canada as a new plane in 1980. Records show that there were no repair or incident before 1988 - it is a rarity and we loved to prepare it for you.

Cessna 182-T, will be a great long-range aircraft. She' s a good solid workhorse, good for the backland or your farm. This is a remarkable short, narrow, well performing airplane for its aging. M20F Executive does credit to its name with an additional ten inch in the cab and a third side hull sash.

M20F Executive 21, which finished in 1977, had a combined output of 1,112 aircraft. Or in other words, although it's over twenty years old, it's a new airplane. Are you looking for a great busplane, then you have found it.

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