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Municipal Air near me

Locate the nearest Urban Air to get your group planning underway. We were at the Jumperoo today and a young man named Isreal was working. Received my receipt from PayPal and a confirmation email from Urban Air. The Chowdary said they'd add mommy and me classes during the week. No trampoline park is Urban Air.

Poor... Very poor... Very poor.... - Survey of the Urban Air Trampoline Park, Southlake, TX

The system took me to PayPal, where I paid immediately. Checked my PayPal account and got a verification e-mail from Urban Air. I got a second e-mail from Urban Air within an hours that my booking was canceled due to non-payment.

My PayPal print receipt, an email from PayPal and my checking check indicates that the $86 balance has been paid. I' ve e-mailed and phoned Urban Air repeatedly...I have NOT received any returns yet. If you call Urban Air, you have 3 choices...press 1 to send a greeting to a professional who will call you back within 2 or 3 days...press 2 to listen to a record of where they are and when they are open...or press 3 to listen to a record that says: "Due to the high call volumes, we can't accept you, but go to our website, blah, blah, blah, blah..." then hang up!!!

Air Trampoline Park 333 Clarks Pond Pkwy South Portland, ME Amusement & Recreation NEC

Urban Air, reopened in Maine, took the journey down to try it out before they opened in mass. Great place for the whole familiy, came with a group of boyfriends and had an US ninja warrior guy..... Our staff simply let children and adults do what they want.

That dodgeball match isn't even organised... it's just a lot of guys tossing and turning shots or just sitting around. There was one trampoline observer (or should I say teenager) who watched all the rempolines and the Tumor Tramp. Got a lot of backhand feathers on the switchyard.... I found the personnel kind and supportive - and encouraged my children with advice on the different devices.


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