Pco Driver Licence Application Form

Driving licence Pco application form

Driving licence requests Before submitting an application, please review the guidelines for IP and IP licenses (PDF 231.6KB). Following documentation must be provided by the applicant for a new combination driver's license for Haulage/Holiday Rental: In the event that the application is cancelled or rejected, the fees will be reimbursed less the administrative fees currently charged.

If an application is rejected and is the object of a complaint, the rate shall be increased and no reimbursement shall be made. Failure to make a financial contribution shall immediately suspend the application until the fee has been settled. Reimbursement of any extra banking fee charged to the Board shall be borne by the proposer.

Submission of the following documentation is required from visa applicant who wish to extend their visa: Current licensees must request an extension of their license in a timely manner. Wait at least 10 workingdays before licensing personnel can grant a license extension. Each application lodged with the Community after the expiration of the period of validity of this licence shall be considered as a new application and not as an extension of an old licence.

Applicants presenting an unpaid check shall immediately suspend the licence and it shall be cancelled at a later date unless the driver is notified by the advice of seven working days prior to the date of receipt of the unpaid check. The driver is responsible for any extra banking fees charged to the advice.

Part of your Hackney Carriage/Private License application is a Central Bedfordshire Council Driver Assessments. It usually takes about 40 mins and assesses your capacity to ride safe on a wide range of nearby highways. Please take with you your driver's license, your health and safety records and the TÜV certification for the car you are using for the evaluation.

You will be informed about the results at the end of the evaluation and get your motivation fed back. Valuation is £80 and must be prepaid. Payment can be made on-line, by telephone or as a personal in one of the municipal bureaus. Make sure you give a telephone number so that our driver assistant can get in touch with you to schedule a convenient date for your evaluation.

You can also go to the municipal authorities for an application package:

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