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On-line tickets

The Alaska airline was the first US airline to sell tickets online. The Alaska airline was the first US airline to offer tickets online. Initially published on 27 December 1995, this press brief is published here in its totality in honour of 29 October, the date on which UCLA and Stanford computer hosts first established a host-host link. The Alaska airline was the first in the US to discover the unexplored worlds of the web, with a home made website that enabled clients to make reservations online.

Rapidly 20 years ago and Alaska has a number of technical innovations, of which the first airline to arrive with satellite navigation system landed, first with web check-in and then with on board cordless network. It'?d make the founders of the airline's minds work. "We interviewed our regular customers and almost half said they wanted the comfort of making itineraries on their home or business computers," said Bill Ayer, VP of Marketing and Planning.

This new system also includes all of Alaska' s Horizon Air affiliate flight operations. Among the most appealing features of the system is that it offers a comparison of all Alaska and Horizon flight schedules, as well as the best available tariffs on the market for the day they want to use.

Passengers can make flight bookings, buy tickets with a major debit or debit card, and confirm via the airline's Instant Travel without ticket website. Travellers can also reserve their seats via the web in January. Sometime in 1996, members of the miles plan will be able to use the system to cash in rewards for repeat flyers and review their miles for them.

In addition to timetables and tariffs, the website also provides information about partner airlines in the miles plan, profile of the towns serviced and references for people with special travelling needs. The Alaska Horizon website is accessible to anyone who can establish a connection to the world wide web. The Alaska and Horizon destinations cover more than 70 towns throughout Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Russia and six countries in the West.

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