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Put simply, Uber is a technology platform that uses a smartphone application to connect drivers with drivers. This paper, based on the "qualitative" case study "Uber: Changing the Way the World. The Uber offers a strong performance promise for consumers and drivers alike.

About the business model

Do you like this presentation? Via our unique network of partners, we enable everyone to offer their own taxidriving experience and offer competitive rates to better match offer and request. His promise to the users to lower tariffs during most hours of the week and a higher range of cabs (and higher prices) during periods of heavy use.

Ueber gets payment directly from clients and retains a percent of these payment as revenue. The patent for a request pricing algorithms represents an entrance obstacle and thus a procedure for strategical controlling. The Biz Model for Uber Technologies Inc. Demand/Supply Algorithms Heat Map to indicate where the need is "God View" - real-time airborne recording of the motion of automobiles1 Many other types of analysis, such as Analyze how often the application is open Analyze how accurately the forecast of future demands is to fine-tune the forecasting algorithms Calculate the likelihood of precise targets and favorite targets2 SURGE PRICING Algorithms automatically identifies high-request and low-supply conditions and adapts the prices accordingly based on the degree of scarcity.

ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES INC. 1 http://www.reuters. com/article/2014/12/16/us-uber-privacy-idUSKBN0JU2DT20141216 2 http://blog.uber. com/passagier-destinations, http://blog.uber. com/2012/11/12/uberdata-mapping-a-citys-flow-using-ubers-ridership-data/ Quelle für beide Bilder : http://www.wired. 1 1 http://www.wired. 1 / 1 http://www.wired. ( 1| 4 1 http://www.wired. 1 * 1 http://www.wired.) 1/4 / 1 http://www.wired. for both images 1 and 2 1 http://www.wired. 1 --> 1 http://www.wired. 6 1 6 1 http://www.wired. 3 1 6 1 http://www.wired. 6 / 2 / 2 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 - 5 5 - 5 5 - 5 - 5 1 Fulfill high request prices: Over-prices are increased to guarantee dependability when request cannot be satisfied. Empower more drivers to be available. In the course of the meetings for the survival price algorithms, surges were fired upon:

Hurricane Sandy (elsewhere) Sydney Hostage Belge Capped Surrenderprice Pricing from Jan 2015 for "abnormal disclosure of the market" event "If overriding surgepricing takes effect during an unusual event, overriding the cost of a transport options will not exceed a multiples of the basic tariff at the determined...based on the cost of the same transport options fixed by overriding during the sixty day period prior to the start of the unusual event.

In order to establish the upper limit for a transport choice in a given town and area, Uber will first establish the three highest rates he has fixed on different dates... The upper limit is the next higher rate fixed for the same transport choice... without the dates on which the three highest rates were fixed.

" ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES INC. i. e. If in the last 60 calendar nights the 4 highest multiples were 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x, the price for such an event will be three times the standard rate.

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