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The Chicago O'Hare Airport Taxis & Transfers. You can find the latest fare information on the City of Chicago Taxi Passenger Information website. Local taxis are called to the terminals for certain passengers.

O'Hare Taxi Service

Remember that if you want to take a taxi from O'Hare Airport to Chicago city center, the entire journey between the two is 27 km, which means a taxi ride of at least 30 min. Congestion and delay are a frequent problem as Chicago is always a busy city.

Taxidrivers do not really use the lighting system according to reported information from locals (when the lights are on, the cabin is available). Taxi's are located more in the centre of the town and in the places described above than in the outskirts and housing areas. In this case, contact one of the taxi services listed below.

You will find taxi's on the lower floor of each O'Hare airport check-in area, outside the baggage claim area. There are cabs running through Chicago and the suburbs. We recommend to collect a licensed taxi and not to take taxi trips outside the taxi stand or from the departure area.

Below are the taxi operators serving O'Hare Airport: Prices vary depending on the taxi services and the days (weekdays, weekends, public holidays). Note that there is an extra charge of $1.00 US for travel to and from O'Hare or Midway Airports. Approximate prices (based on times and mileage) from O'Hare Airport to downtown Chicago are approximately $30-$40 per hour.

We recommend that you do this in advance, especially for shorter journeys.

Chicago downtown:


A leading limo transportation firm, O'Hare Airport Taxi provides taxi transportation from Chicago's O'Hare and Midway Airport for tired travellers who want all the benefits. O'Hare Airport Taxi Chicago provides a long range of airport taxi facilities for a convenient and luxury journey from the airport to your home or back.

O'Hare Airport Taxi cars are equipped with the latest technologies to keep you and your customers in touch during your meeting and travel. Whether you arrive in Chicago for corporate events or drive home after a long journey from meeting in other towns and states, you' ll enjoy a sense of well-being, confidence and relaxation.

Instead of navigating through Chicago travel, you can lean back and relax and soak up the view around you as you think about your next encounter or the one you just came from. Get spoiled by the O'Hare Airport Taxi's expert drivers to your final destinations.

O'Hare Airport Taxi provides a range of Lincoln and Ford cars equipped with suspension s and wheel balancers to make the trip as luxury and hassle free as possible on the rough streets of Chicago. In the O'Hare Airport Taxi's cars you will experience very little movement, which provides the possibility for a fast powernap or just to relax while the chauffeur takes you to your goal.

O'Hare Airport taxi fares are actually very cheap and make much more sense than hiring a taxi. They not only give you door-to-door convenience that is much more comfortable than having to spend your free hours at the hire station in anticipation of a vehicle that meets your needs, but they also make sure that your journey and pleasure from start to finish are of the utmost importance and provide you with the kind of assistance that will help you with your baggage.

O'Hare Airport Taxi can and will supply the vehicle that will amaze your high level prospective clients. So if you're already buying a Chicago downtown Chicago looking great that your prospective customer can savor and experience, why not end the experience by providing him with a very convenient and comprehensive trip that he can savor while exploring the great Chicago area?

O'Hare Airport Taxi knows how to amaze these high-profile customers with its full-service sedan and driver taxi shuttle busing. O'Hare Airport Tax can even provide your customers with the option of a sightseeing trip in a sedan, providing a pleasant sightseeing adventure that makes your travel even more unforgettable.

If you take your loved ones on holiday to Chicago, allow O'Hare Airport Taxi to show them around and see what they can do. Featuring Ford Excursion transporters in O'Hare Airport's limousine hire business, Taxi is designed to take the whole familiy to a great place like a show, supper, theatre, museums or even the Lake Michigan beach for daytime and night-time fun.

And if you're already buying first class airfare, you might as well go all the way and rent a limousine from O'Hare Airport Taxi to really spoil your loved ones and make this unforgettable holiday. Turn it into a girl or man week-end in Chicago if you want it with your member of the Chicago familiy, and let each group experience what they would love to do best.

The O'Hare Airport Taxi vehicle pool allows you to go to many of Chicago's major shops in the city center for grocery shoppers, or find your way to the left of some of the region's finest clubs, both of which reinforce your memory and your wish to come back to Chicago for another great week-end.

Whatever your need for a car to move around Chicago, O'Hare Airport Taxi is available and willing to take good care of your needs for the whole of your trip. Offering O'Hare and Midway airport facilities and a full-service Chicagoland full range aircraft hire business, you'll certainly enjoy the benefits of O'Hare Airport Taxi Airport Taxi and feeling at ease, assured and at ease.

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