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Taxis from London Heathrow Airport - London Forum This is the rule for taxis and mini cabs: But... my wisdom is that taxis that wait at Heathrow don't feel like taking flights to airports. From a technical point of view it seems that they are bound to do so as long as the property is in the Greater London area.

Otherwise, they have the right to reject the ticket or pay a fee, which may have been the issue for Sisira, as Heathrow is right on the border. Even if the guesthouse is located in the (administrative) greater London area, I can still appreciate the restraint of the taxi driver. In order to reach the top of the queue, they will have been in the queue, possibly for an hours or longer, and hoping to be awarded a ticket to downtown London.

Just going back in the rankings and asking each rider if he would be interested in a brief trip can be rewarding. However, for airports in general, hotel hoppa busses are the best choice, or even locals' free busses in the immediate proximity of the area.

Neither of this is very pertinent for the OR, which, as I see it, asks for a pre-booked vehicle servicing. This is a reasonable choice as it should be less expensive in the centre of London than a ranked taxi. Heathrow Airport Taxi Service".

Kilburn Taxi to/from Heathrow Airport from only £30

All of these rates are minicabs between Kilburn and Heathrow airports at a flat rate. All prices are included, there are no concealed extratras. These rates include car park and wait at the airports. Notice that these are flat rates, without counters or overcharges.

When you arrive at London Heathrow Airport, please arrange to see your local chauffeur at the pick-up points below: You can find more information about our Airport Pick-up Guide. All these are flat rates with no concealed extra features.

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