Tenerife Airport Transfers Reviews

Airport Transfer Tenerife Reviews

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I' m always looking for cheap transfers from the airport and found Skyblue. My hunch, however, is that they are connected to the more famous Hoppa resort. We also have a firm called clicktransfers.com and in some cases you can book with your own home airport.

They are all similar, which makes me think that they are all together with Resort Hoppa. These were used in Benidorm, Cyprus, Portugal and Tenerife. Inexpensive than a cab, of course, but as you know, you could be one and a half hours on the van making drops-offs and waiting at the airport for a plane to fill the van... it's certainly not a plane per plane.

Our trip to our destination and the Canarian Forum was very cheap, fast and the transport was great for the backtrip.

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Any good, extensive bookings, confirmations, (txt) reminders, taxis on schedule - what do you not like...? Ordering on-line is simple and only lasts 5 mins. Modifications and cancellation are free up to 48 hrs prior to pick-up. 24 and 365 working weeks a year - we are always there for you.

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Do not use Tenerife Best Transfers...................................................... Bookings are always made via our own booking system, and we have used them for many years. I wish I had directly reserved a bus and avoided the hassle and disillusion! You weren't waitin' for us when we got to the airport. Well, the blinds of the bureau were downstairs....

They had to be called before they showed up, which was at least half an hours after our planned pick-up period. They didn't show you on the last night that you had to take us to the airport. The Shuttle Direct has a website to make your reservation or you may be able to call them.

Has anyone used "airport transfers" instead? Cab was on schedule, new auto, good chauffeur. Transfer directly from the airport, very reasonable rates and friendly personnel!

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