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GetTaxi's newest tweets (@gettaxi). Tee @Gett @Gett @Gett_UK @Gett_IL @Gett_RU. With GetTaxi you can get a taxi anywhere, anytime in seconds! For decades, taxis have been bringing people from place to place.

The GetTaxi (

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The GetTaxi renews brands all over the world, entry into new industries

Formerly known as GetTaxi, the firm has launched its new worldwide trademark and has teamed up with Gett in the 32 towns where it has operations. Only in the USA did the on-demand auto application work as a gett and chose to introduce this streamlined approach everywhere. The GetTaxi was a restrictive name that did not provide any room for expansion outside the taxi and transport verticality that would not work for a marque with overall aspirations in all sectors.

It already provides servicing for 20,000 driver blacks, which earned $500 million last year. Gett is able to leverage these capabilities to grow into other vertical businesses by using idle capacities to offer more on-demand product and customer support. From July these vertical will include: groceries, such as the supply of sushi, as well as pizzas, chocolate and wines; beauties, such as a manicure, massage and eruptions; and home care such as housekeeping.

Within a few moments, the user will be able to receive well-defined goods and service... Get will thoroughly test and educate all those dealing with these vertical goods to make sure they meet trademark specifications. It has been working on the technologies to make these service offerings possible for 12 month and appears to be marketed as stand-alone service such as Get Dry Cleaning.

What's with the Gett name expansion? Throughout the world we are changing our name from GetTaxi to Gett, because we are no longer just talking about dark automobiles. As we expand into a world-wide leader in the wireless market, we offer our customers new industries in the areas of nutrition, health care and home services at the push of a single key!

So why should we grow into other industries? Our expansion into new industries is what our clients want. Gett, a leading company in the transport industry, will leverage its unmatched market leading capabilities to deliver these products to global consumer markets. Rather than opening more than one application to order a hairdryer, a meal, a glass of vine and a maid, Gett will make it all possible in the application - with a single click.

Are you going to use the available technologies or logistic infrastructures (i.e. the latest drivers) in these new industries? The present riders remain only riders, but we will work with meticulously chosen partner companies to provide these benefits. Every employee who provides these sevices is thoroughly tested and educated to ensure the high standard of branding and service that our clients demand!

The Gett is available for downloading on iPhone and Android.

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