Maxi Taxi Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Maxi Taxi Airport

Transportation | Brisbane Airport Taxi services are available around the clock from protected areas directly in front of national and international terminals. The taxi stand in the central area of the terminal buildings is situated in the inland terminal. In the International Terminal you will find the taxi stand at the north end of the terminal, through the door and on the leftside.

Travelers can count on paying 45 to 55 dollars (one way for a journey from the airport to Brisbane City). Beyond the rush hours it is about 20 minutes by car from the airport to the town. Further than the town? A $3.90 charge will be levied on the rates picked up from the airport.

Airtrain is a fast and simple way to get from and to the airport. The Brisbane airport is only 20 min by rail from the town. It also provides gold casting expressway and links to the Queensland Rail local grid. In order to use this special feature, you can buy Airtrain ticket at the Airtrain counters in any of the terminals or at the Airtrain stops.

The Airtrain also provides great cost saving when making reservations on-line and in advanced. We also accept Go Cards for airfare. Further information such as fares and trip planner can be found on the Airtrain website. From the International Terminal: Take the Travelator or elevator to Floor 3 of the terminal block and signposted the train stations.

Domestic Terminal: Go to the front of the terminal and take the sky-walk to the train terminal. The Airtrain also provides a shuttle between the international terminal and the national terminal for a $5 charge, the shuttle takes 5mins. Travellers traveling on Virgin Australia can use the train to switch between terminal services free of charge.

Just show your Bordkarte or Virgin-Transportkarte when you get to one of the terminals. Further information on the subject of rail transfer can be found on Airtrain's Transfer Information page. Do you book a carpool rental car rental company? The Brisbane Airport was one of the first Australian airport to offer carpooling, among them Uber.

Just order your lift with your favorite application and obey the signage to the marked riding booking areas to get in touch with your chauffeur. The Uber & Hide stock pickup is located on the main street between taxi and passengers pick-up and drop-off, on both sides of the sky-walk.

After leaving the terminal, go across two crossroads to find it. Coming from level 2, at the south end of the terminal (towards the city), following the Ride Booking signage down the Ride down to the pick-up area. Remember that there is a $3.90 charge on your ticket if you use a Ride Share from the airport.

When you are looking for a front door airport to and from Brisbane airport, you should consider the Con-x-ion Airport Taxi Service. Operating from both terminal sites, Con-x-ion offers a picked & dropped off delivery and delivery services from one terminal to the next, going from doorstep to tens of sites around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. You can buy your ticket either on-line or at the point of sale at any terminal.

The international terminal: Meeting your transfers at the visitor information counter in the International Terminal. Inland terminal: Meeting your transfers outside on the square towards Virgin end of terminal. Are you looking for a shuttle van or tour guide to other places? Please call the Brisbane Airport Visitor Information Counters for help. The Brisbane City Council runs a transport system within the airport premises.

From both terminals, you must travel to the Skygate Centre, where the 590 operates seven nights a week. 590 is the fastest way to reach the Skygate Centre. Take the coach to the railway at Toombul Interchange to use a variety of local transportation to the town or other Brisbane area. There is a mixture of common footpaths, bicycle lanes and common roads within the airport premises on which bicycling is allowed unless otherwise stated.

Information on how to plan your Brisbane Airport itinerary can be found in the Cycling Brisbane website Routing Planer. At Brisbane Airport, you can place your bicycles at the cycle stands in the terminal parking lots. Parking International Terminal: Take the elevator to Floor 5, the cycle stand is next to the elevators.

Parking garage of the Domestic terminal: Floor 1 of parking P1, near the elevators. From Brisbane airport, you will find showers at both terminal buildings. The location of the showers is shown on the terminal plans.

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