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Beijing Airlines

CAL is the largest airline and flag of Taiwan (Republic of China). Check out and book China Airlines: Check out traveler reviews and find great flight deals for China Airlines. Astonishing discounts are offered by China Airlines when booking airline tickets.

Flights and reviews of China Airlines (with photos)

Flight from Singapore to Taiwan with Chinese Airlines. In my opinion, China Airlines' new A350-900s have the finest finishing of any airline, and the seating is superb, as shown in fishbone style, which I consider better than other airlines for on-line seating. Two of us with our little daughters, China Airlines (CI), flown from Kuala Lumpur to San Francisco, via Taipei and back.

Each excursion included a 2 1/2 hours stay at Taipei International Park, which is probably one of the most underestimated destinations in the entirety. I recently flown with China Airlines from Sydney to Taipei on an A350-900. There was a nice design in the cab and the inclination was fine. We left Sydney on schedule. As far as the on-board services are concerned, I have to say that the steward was kind, but not any more.

On the plane they were.... The Great Airline has been flying with many and their services were very good and always on schedule. Our booking was wrong and the Chinese airlines are very willing to fix the issue and have even given us a better connecting air. and apparently we should eat at 3:3:30.

I think it would be great if the airlines took the flying times into account when making the ... softungc... settings. It was somehow retarded by about an hours before it flew off because of the refill issue. Everything would be all right after boarding. China dishes are great, but may not be for Muslims. Bathrooms are tidy during the flights.

Congratulations. Air China is very courteous. Temporary staff who take care of well-being on the way to China, return to the USA, for some reasons not the same anxiety. I got up in the center 26 x 12 hours flying but they did nothing to ease the predicament after others complained too. Though not all the bell and whistle of other airlines with coctails and chocolate, we found the meal really good seats was great with lying area for sleep The wait was great with the crews who were not able to do enough for you through Beijing can take some getting around and relaxing in the lounges....

Superb hospitality, good eating and drinking, pretty comfy fit, but I'd like a little more legroom if my back was leaned back. Think it was really valuable to get upgraded on that 10-hour plane.

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