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The Spectrum offers cost-effective solutions for digital television services with digital adapters, small converters that enable you to view digital television signals on your television. Declares the following principles and adopts this Charter. Digital heritage consists of unique resources of human knowledge and expression. The Digital Scotland Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Which is the Digital Conversion Initiative?

Which is the Digital Converting Initiative? We' re converting our home security systems to a pure digital one. After completion of the work, the whole range of channels will be digital and encoded. Digital translation will enhance image and audio qualities and enable us to provide even more high-definition selections, on-demand content, higher web speed and improved telephone service.

It allows us to standardize certain features and decrease the need for clients to plan home visits, giving you a better client experiences. Please note: In Texas and the Midwest, this information is for Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Kansas City only.

arter Communications announced the second round of grant financing from a $1 million digital education outreach.

STAMFORD, Conn., 1 August 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Charter Communications, Inc. Educational Services (NASDAQ: CHTR) today announces that Spectrum Digital Education has opened its funding programme to all eligible candidates. The Spectrum Digital Education is a charitable charity that supports non-profit organisations that teach parishioners about the advantages of broad -band and how they can use it to make their life better.

They are part of a $1 million community digital literacy effort supported by the Charter. As well as providing funding, Charter offers PSAs, workshop and online seminars for non-profit organisations. During its first year, the Spectrum Digital Educational Sponsorship Programme won more than 200 qualifying funding requests and provided funding to 17 non-profit organisations across the state.

Details and eligibility of Spectrum Digital Education Grant Program: The Spectrum Digital Education Grant is given to non-profit organisations whose programmes focus on family and senior citizens who have been previously disadvantaged in terms of broad-band use. In order to be considered for a subsidy, the organisation must be serving municipalities in a Spectrum store and be a US non-profit organisation with 501(c)(3) exemption statute.

While there is no limit to the number of scholarships that can be granted, scholarships will typically not be in excess of US$50,000. Contributions will be backed by an upfront $1 million pledge from Charter Communications. Subsidies are one-year, non-renewable subsidies. Once the application has been filed, an in-house evaluation procedure will be carried out to identify the 2018 winners.

Scholars will be informed in October 2018. <font color="#ffff00">Charter communications, Inc. NASDAQ:CHTR is a premier broad-band communication enterprise and the second biggest wireline in the United States. Charters offers a wide variety of progressive consumer broad-band connectivity products, which include Spectrum TV programing, Spectrum internet and Spectrum voice. Charter offers under the Spectrum BusinesĀ® trademark scaleable and cost-effective broad-band communication solution for small and midsize businesses, providing connectivity, telephony and television broadcasting as well as wireless connectivity.

Under the Spectrum Enterprise name, Charter is a domestic supplier of scaleable, fiber-based technological computing for many of America's biggest corporations and communication companies. Charter's marketing and manufacturing activities are marketed under the Spectrum Reach name. Charter's message and sport networking is run under the Spectrum Network name.

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