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A self-flying air taxi starts in Dubai until July

The Dubai authorities say that they are planning to start a self-flying air taxi in July with Chinese produced unmanned aerial vehicles. EHang 184, a UAV manufactured in China, has four blades. Dubai's Roads and Transportation Authority Director says the independent taxi has already been thoroughly inspected in the state. Up to 30 min. can be operated on a lone recharge with a flight distance of 50 km.

Videodemonstration of the air taxi shows the entire ride being automatized. UAVs can be required via an application to reach a legal pick-up point. EHang officers say that all UAV movement and function is controlled by persons in a "Command and Control Center" on the floor.

Passengers in the plane will also be able to interact with the control centre if necessary. According to EHang, it has conducted extensive tests on its 184cc car in China in recent years. In addition, the company has designed and sold several unmanned aerial vehicles for consumers that are operated by distant equipment. EHang last year entered into an arrangement with Nevada West State officers to test EHang 184.

The Nevada facility runs a test centre in collaboration with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Aim is to obtain the FAA certification for the EHang 184 for the flight in the USA. Said the airline that the drone could have other uses than transporting air travelers in crowded urban areas.

It is the trading capitol of the oil-rich United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. For a long time, the civil servants there have been pressing for the introduction of high-tech transport options. The longest unmanned railway line in the whole wide sense is already located in Dubai. The authorities in Dubai have not made any specific arrangements for the air taxi system.

Currently, persons operating UAVs are obliged to record the plane. In the past year, there were several UAV accidents around Dubai International Airport, which led to officers briefly taking off basic flight operations at the site - one of the most busy in the canal. Are you ready to try out this floating UAV for a drive?

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