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Second-hand Executive Jets

The former GE CEO Jeff Immelt used two jets for corporate travel: WSJ Jeffrey Immelt (R), General Electric CEO, accompanied by John Flannery in 2014. The former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt used to take two company jets when he was travelling, an almost empty plane to the one Immelt was travelling in, according to a Wall Street Journal article. Referring to well-known literature, the journal said that the additional plane was used if there were any mechanic issues with the one Immelt. Sometimes the alternate plane parked at a certain interval to prevent alertness, the sheet added, and crews were prevented from debating Immelt's itinerary.

One GE spokesperson said to the WSJ that "two aircraft were used on restricted opportunities for mission or safety purposes". Reveals came in the midst of a wider WSJ account of new CEO John Flannery's efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in transforming the conglomerate. Last year GE had $258,000 for Immelt's jets, with an extra $75,000 for other top managers, the paper said.

What Mr. Trump from the public service thinks about his e-mails, jets, and the idea of him.

Monday found that at least six White House top past and present White House officers, among them Mr. Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, his subsidiary Ivanka Trump, and his principal financial advisor, Gary Cohn, at least occasionally used personal e-mail budgets for affairs of state. While this is silent and abundantly absurd, considering that Mr. Trump continues to assault Hillary Clinton's use of a personal e-mail bank account and servers as foreign minister, and has pushed his Justice Department to resume an investigation that released her from criminal offenses.

Whilst the Präsident is whipping up songs of "Lock her up" in read states, his subsidiary - one of the less believable "moderating" powers in the White House's story - has typed on her own e-mail, even though she is an administrative officer. Personally identifiable e-mails are not per se unlawful as long as they are routed to governments' bank account via transactions with governments.

If this is not done, there is a possible breach of the Presidential Records Act and the Federal Records Act, which provide open acces to federal records. Mr. Kushner seems to have a particular accounting issue because he missed listing dozens of fortunes on his federal finance statement and forgot to add Russians to his safety release forms.

Considering his pivotal part in the election and in the White House, picture how his recent lack of visibility affects Robert Müller and his White House staff, who are now collecting White House papers as they investigate possible arrangements with Russia. Mr. Kushner's omission to reveal the face-to-face e-mail affects the heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee who have heard about it through intelligence bulletins.

Last weekend Americans learned about Tom Price's custom of taking personal jets to formal gatherings, with casual diversions to luxurious resort properties, or for trips with his wife and children, via the Tom Price Ministry of Health and Welfare. Mr. Price and Kellyanne Conway, presidential advisers, have even used personal jets to what a White House adviser referred to as "a nationwide audio tour" to hear from the "heroes at the front" of the Opioid crises - while urging a substitute for the Affordable Care Act that would cost millions of dollars in drugs and addictive drugs.

Mr. Price - a multi-million aire orthopedist who took action as a member of Congress that benefitted his own share portfolios - is not the only member of the Trump Cabinet who pollutes the pub crawl.

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