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The ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) is a proprietary system that combines the actual safety history of a charter company, aircraft and/or pilot and compares that company's safety data with relative industry benchmarks. Here is a list of well-known charter airlines that are in operation. Airlines - Commercial airlines - Airline codes - Airline holdings - Charter airlines - Low cost airlines - Passenger airlines - Regional airlines. Such charter companies are required to hold an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and operating specifications that include company names, ratings and restrictions. Whether you are an operator, broker or flight department, Air Charters is the perfect private aircraft charter partner for you.

An Air Charter Broker or Air Charter Operator

It is important to carry out some fundamental research before you book your first charter trip when selecting an Air Charter offer. In general, there are two kinds of charter operators - charter companies and charter broker. The Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation give charter companies a specific power to conduct charter services, which are issued in the shape of an aviation certification.

The FAA provides them with constant supervision and many opt to have their business audited by third parties. The vast vast majority of charter companies are well-run companies that put security and client services first. Some of the more experienced charter companies also act as intermediaries to arrange charter services for their customers, such as one-way charter services or planes not in their fleets.

The difference between charter intermediaries and operators is that they are not subject to regulation by the Ministry of Transport or a regulator. Actually, there are no skills or licenses required to become an Air Charter broker. Easy access to this area has resulted in a large number of charter brokerage firms with no aeronautical expertise; however, a small number of charter brokerage firms with considerable aeronautical expertise offer an incalculable level of customer support.

brokers do not run charter planes themselves, but enter into contracts with operators who supply the real plane and retain operative oversight of the operation. As a rule, a charter agent is remunerated by a fee that is added to the charter costs. It is almost impractical to tell the difference betweeen an airline and an agent when you look at an Air Charter Company's website.

The website of a brokers usually lists a fleetsite, just like the site of a charter company, although a brokers does not have a fleets of aircrafts. Please look for a footer at the end of the homepage that says something about the effect of "Company X acting on its customers' account and serving as their representative".

Not owning or operating any aeroplanes; all charter operations are performed by FAA-certified Part 135 air operators. "This declaration indicates that you are viewing a website owned by a charter brokers and not by the original owner of the airplane. As soon as you are able to identify the distinction between an Air Charter Operating Agent and a Broker, you will see whether your travelling needs demand the service of a Provider or an Operating Agent.

When you are traveling on a one-way base, such as a famous character or athletes, a good stockbroker can usually find great last-minute offers for you. Good brokerage professionals will immerse themselves in the security record of available charter operators and select both the right plane for your missions and the right one.

But if you're like most corporate and leisure travellers, you'll find that building a partnership with a locally based charter carrier with a countrywide partner airline base ensures that you always travel with the most secure charter flights at the best rates. Please call us now at (760) 399-1000 to make your next charter booking.

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