Easy Taxi Driver

Simple taxi driver

The new Easy Taxi Driver is your most popular taxi app. Come a Easy, você recebe corridas de passageiros e de contas corporativas, com segurança e facilidade. Touch "Request Here" and watch Easy assign a nearby driver. Join a fun taxi driver simulation game on your Android with Easy Taxi Driver.

Easy-taxi - For car driver

Think about it, your driving acceptance expertise has just been taken to a whole new high. Now the new Easy Taxi Driver application provides everything you need: Updated usability: The new look and feel allows for the best ease of use of the application, so you can now get to your co-driver even quicker.

Become a member now to boost the number of trips you make and reach a new proficiency standard. More than 400,000 riders are on our fleet, with 20 million subscribers in more than 30 different locations. The Easy Taxi is driver friendly. One click is all it takes to answer the closest enquiry and get complete information about your passengers.

Higher number of travellers = more trips = higher incomes! - Please await notice of the travel application. Well, then either take or refuse your trip. Select one of the following and become one of our taxi driver! Our driver support staff will call you within 48 hours of sending your data to complete the process.

Using the application, your customers can call a taxi at the following locations:

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