Apple Macbook Air Superdrive

Macbook Apple Air Superdrive

Connects to your MacBook Air with a single USB cable built into the SuperDrive. Burn and play CDs and DVDs with MacBook Air SuperDrive. USB External DVD+RW RW Super Drive for Apple MacBook Air Pro iMac Mac OS MiniGEK.

SuperDrive AppleUSB - Apple USB Drive

Elegant, small size SuperDrive drive. The Apple SuperDrive lets you playback and record both CD and DVD discs in the comfort of your own home. Just a little larger than a CD case, the Apple SuperDrive is easy to put in your pocket when you're on the go and doesn't take up much room on your desktop or tablet.

With the Apple SuperDrive you no longer have to bother about losing your cabling. Connect to your MacBook Pro with Retina Display*, MacBook Air, iMac or Macmini via a dedicated USB-A cord integrated into the SuperDrive. There' s no stand-alone AC adaptor, and it works whether your Mac is connected or powered by batteries.

Connecting the Apple SuperDrive is as follows

Learn which Macs can use the Apple SuperDrive and how to use it. Apple's SuperDrive is compatible with 2008 and later Macs that don't have a built-in optic diskette. In order to use your SuperDrive, plug it into a USB-A connector on your Mac*, then plug in a disk and make sure the SuperDrive's aluminium case is up.

You can use one of these adaptors to plug your SuperDrive into a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) or USB-C connector on your Mac: In the Dock, click Find, then select File > Project to throw a disk. Or if your keypad has an eject button, just push and drag . Obtain help on slot-loading SuperDrive on your Mac computer.

If your SuperDrive doesn't react when it' plugged into an outside screen or via a built-in flash drive, plug your SuperDrive into a flash drive directly on your Mac.

Superdrive Apple Flash Drive (MD564LL)

It' not an Apple genuine phone! Thought I was sure since the prize is the thing as the actual deal, i was sure to buy this. However, it never really worked with my MacBook Pro 2015, and it doesn't work anymore. and you know what?

Sellers should not market it as an Apple genuine and it should not be the same price as one. They honor my coming back, but frankly, you shouldn't bother.

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