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Some industry estimates suggest that empty routes account for more than a third of all private flights. Sky Access membership is the gateway to private jet traffic, with empty leg access and hourly fixed rate private jet traffic. The Ohio couple scores with first Delta Private Jet Upgrade

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About for private planes and boats is here.

So it was only a question of silence before the worlds of the super-rich were targetted with start-ups providing Uber-style service for private jet liners and boats. However, while yacht and private aircraft may be in the 1 per cent range, businesses in the area promise that their service will make renting these luxurious means of transportation less expensive and simpler.

"When you think of the hospitality business before the web, you have to go through guidebooks or yellow pages and call them up. "And so we said, why don't we do the same thing when we book boat pitches in marine. "Marinanov is an anonymous firm established in 2012 by three persons who previously worked in a yacht harbour.

Seeing the difficulties of reserving a mooring in a yacht harbour, they started this facility to make it easier. It is also in the process of renting yacht and other types of boat. This works according to a similar approach to bookings. com, where a yacht harbour or mooring owners can publish a vacancy on Marinanow and allow bookings to be made.

Marinanov says that there are 1,500 marine in the Mediterranean and that there are about 1,300 marine. About 400 of them are connected, i.e. Marinanow receives a provision from the posting. It is clearly an area with a certain amount of market since Marinanow is not alone in the room. The Sailo and Boatbound are two peer-to-peer boat rental markets for those who hire a boat.

About for private planes? It is not only pleasure craft that have joined the so-called Share Economies. The Stratajet service allows individuals to receive real-time prices for private jet aircraft and order them through the website. Established by a former Royal Air Force pilots and the UK armed forces, the brainchild, similar to Marinanov, was to resolve the complex jet reservation problem and open up the elite private airline market.

"In the last five years we have seen how the tourism sector was on-line, with real-time prices. "To find out how much a private jet will charge you, you need to go through this whole procedure of using phones and speaking with several persons. As Nicol said, there are 15 different charges for private jet reservations and only one of them is the aircraftfare.

As Stratajet says, it is able to provide lower cost flight services because it can detect so-called empty or partially empty routes - where a jet will not carry a passenger, but must still travel to a location. These are often less expensive and can be bought at the cost of "two or three complimentary seats", says Nicol.

"If you have four persons traveling, a partially empty leg can make it less expensive than four bus ticket," Nicol said. Stratayet and Marinanov both have early risk funding and want to raised more money, but acknowledge that raising people's awareness of their service will be the challenging task in sectors that have been particularly isolated.

"Privatjets aren't for everyone. As we know, 5 per cent of our passengers are travelling in Buses. Regular ly private jet flights will always be reserved for riches, but now and then with your buddies to do something extra, why not?

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