Book a Multi Flight Trip

Booking a multi-flight trip

The City or Buenos Aires option as opposed to a regular round trip fare. Just enter your departure point, destination and travel dates to see the flight options available. Tomorrow, noon, early evening, evening. To read our travel advice, click on "Show all". I have problems finding these flights and hope that someone who has been in a similar situation can help me!

Can I book a multi-city flight that I find on a kayak with SAS? - Ticket Forum

I' d like to take the following route: Booking directly with the carrier. I' m going to and go on this multi-city itinerary. 716 per passenger, which is completely with SAS (on some United departures that are still classed as "SAS"). From Helsinki - Stockholm - Chicago - Phoenix, then a similar way back, but from Vegas.

Then I go to the SAS website and use their options to come back from another town, Helsinki - Phoenix, coming from Las Vegas. It' a New York itinerary, 1098 per people. It is not possible to choose another stopover or change the itinerary. Then I tried to look up every flight on the SAS website, i.e. book the HEL-Stockholm flight back, then a Stockholm - Chicago flight back, then a Chicago - Phoenix and a Las Vegas - Chicago flight, but it works really costly and nowhere near the kayak rate.

When you look up the same routes on, there are also very low cost airfares, again with SAS. Priceeline offers all SAS Helsinki-Phoenix and Las Vegas-Helsinki for 729 US Dollar, which is only 617 Euro! It' s possible to book it directly through PRICELINE, but I have no clue where they get these rates from, and once again the most important tip that is always given on-line is "always book directly, use these pages only for comparison".

Could you find me the same flight as those on or on the actual SAS website? is a good place to book a multi-day trip?

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