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Booking Srilankan Airways tickets

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Established in 1979, SriLankan Airlines is based in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capitol. She is the Sri Lankan flag carrier and a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Bandaranaike International Airport is the most important junction for its operation. s SriLankan Airlines enjoys a high reputation in Asia and abroad, especially following the takeover of 43.6% of Emirates Airline's stock.

Currently SriLankan Airlines offers services to more than 41 major cities worldwide. In 2004, SriLankan Airlines was named the 6th best long-haul airline in the word by Observer Magazine. Simple on-line booking and a support centre. Preselection of seating and meal options during the booking procedure. Complimentary food and drink on the boat for all travellers.

To achieve more goals, SriLankan Airlines has entered into a number of common mode agreement with major global airlines: The SriLankan Airlines also communicates the code: and Saudia on some Sri Lankan itineraries. It'?s Busines Class: SriLankan Airline provides a unique atmosphere on the floor and on the plane for our guests.

You will be provided with a free shuttle from the hostel to the international airports. You will get entrance to the Serendib Lounges at Bandaranaike International Airports. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, the lounges were elegant and elaborately furnished. SriLankan Airlines offers comfortable aboard our Businessclass. Tasty food and refreshments are provided free of charge to travellers.

Business cabins are fitted with 15 " monitors individually designed and backed by an entertaining system. Furthermore, travellers will be provided with a set of essential body products. Uh, economics class: Seating in the cab is convenient and the cab is fitted with custom monitors that are backed up by an entertaining programme.

Free food from various international kitchens is provided to travellers and drinks and refreshments are provided every 45mins. srilanlanan airlines fleet: Luggage Regulations for SriLankan Airlines: It'?s business class: This category allows free check-in of 40 kg luggage. You may also take along 2 items of carry-on luggage weighing 7 kg each.

Travelers travelling to or from North and South America may board and debrief two 32 kg units. Uh, economics class: Passangers are entitled to 30 kg of registered luggage without a child's bed and 7 kg as hand luggage. Business travelers travelling to and from North and South America are entitled to 2 items of 23 kg hold luggage.

A 7 kg item is the carry-on luggage for Economy Classic travellers on SriLankan Airlines. The SriLankan Airlines allow up to 10 kg of registered luggage for infants. Luggage policies above may differ by destination. Therefore, travellers are advised to verify their luggage limits during the booking process.

With SriLankan Airlines, we provide free maintenance for all our customers on our planes. Cruise guests can browse a large number of films, TV shows, soundtracks, radios and gambling. The SriLankan Airlines offer a purchase programme during the trip. Customers can buy the latest product from a broad range of duty-free goods at competitively priced rates.

Travellers travelling with SriLankan Airlines can either board on-line or at the SriLankan Airlines International Airports. You can also contact the SriLankan Airline counter at the SriLankan Airports to register and pick up your flight coupon.

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