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The prices found by our users for local departures to Maui. Discount flights to Maui Kahului airport. Mean flying duration Wait for the sun to set on a vulcano, walk through a crater or lie on a sandy shore and sip Mai Tais - that's Maui. It is the second biggest in Hawaii with the clearest division: two large vulcanos separated by a tropic valle. It is also known as the most varied of the islands with a wide range of outdoor pursuits such as scuba diving, horse backwalking, and wind surfing.

Don't be deceived that Maui is lacking in cultural heritage, on the contrary, there are a few museum's on the islands, a vineyards and a botanic gardens with a singular anthology of rare species. Over two million travelers a year make flights to Maui, one of the best gold sandy islands in the planet.

For this reason, many locals choose to take Maui air fares and holidays in winters when resort areas are less overcrowded and the sea is full of bumpback cetaceans.

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Be vigilant when fares fall from Frankfurt to Maui. Receive a notification when rates fall. Rates are quoted on round trips with return between 1-21 working days after your arrival. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee. One of the most popular islands in Hawaii is Maui. Kahului International Airports is its most important international hub and regularly hosts a large number of cheap flights to Maui.

There is a well-designed airport-terminals, an entrance hall, luggage checkpoints and ticket sales area. Flights to Maui have risen due to the accessibility of reasonable fares to Maui, with more passengers travelling to this location. An urgently needed extension of the aerodrome is under way. The Maui flights are possible with all major carriers.

The Kahului Airports is well on its way to obtaining internationally recognized certificates. As soon as you depart from a Maui plane, there is no lack of choices for you. Plenty of transport can be arranged to collect and return you to any location in and around Maui.

Taxi, shuttles and privately owned vehicles are the most favourite choice for visiting Maui. Famous for its beautiful whitewashed sandy shores and the blue water of the oceans, Maui is the perfect place to visit. There are a variety of different things to do, from observing whales from the shore of Maui to exploring the whole area.

Hikes to the Io Valley and the North Coast Road are also very much loved by people. Obviously the reasons for this are the low cost flights to Maui. Booking one of the Maui flights in advanced to benefit from the cheap flight to Maui. Shopping for pleasure at Maui Marketplace, Kahului Centre, Dolphin Mall, Wailea Shopping Village and Lahiana Centre.

Indulge in a variety of delicious delights, cosmopolitan cooking and genuine Maui tastes at our restaurant and dining stands to suit every pocket and every tastes. Gain a foretaste of the night life of Maui at Timba, Lulu's, Casanova and Hava Cigar. The Maui is 7 miles from Kahului Airport (Maui, HI). From Kahului airport there are currently 27 airline companies operating.

The Kahului airport provides non-stop flights to 20 towns. At least 905 flights a week leave Kahului Airport for home flights and 14 for overseas flights.

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