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Reduced international flight tickets

Offers for international school trips Travelling internationally is an important part of many of our life. No matter if you are looking for a visit with your host families, a stay abroad or just want to plan your holiday abroad, here on our website you will find everything you need to make a reservation for your journey. Because we know that you have a spirit of adventures, we provide flights for students to all parts of the globe.

With our low cost flight packages, you can go to a target country and remain there for up to a year (perfect for those of you who study abroad), while our low cost flight packages do not allow you to make a booking for such a long flight duration. Make your reservation today.

This is how you get the lowest fares when you book for more than one person

For a long time, from two for one to tens of bakers, retail traders have been offering wholesale rebates. However, the tourism sector reverses such practice by sometimes asking more when you are booking places for more than one person, which means you need to develop a strategy before purchasing tickets for routes with multiple persons in your group. As many of us know from our own experiences, the cost of the same seating on the same flight can vary from time to time - even from time to time.

What is less well known is the fact that the same aircraft seating can be offered at different rates at the same times and that the number of places you simultaneously reserve can affect the displayed rate. We found in a string of on-line scans of various airlines and tour reservation websites that the cost differential could be significant: up to $103 per capita on an U.S. flight from New York to Los Angeles when we tried to reserve six places over one.

Specialists studying airlines' fares explained the differences by finding that an average national flight can provide about 10 different fares for the same seats in an Economy category - without the Premier Economics or the newer Base Economics. Suppose a given flight contains 20 available economic seating units, five at $300, five at $350 and 10 at $400.

By requesting the minimum rates for six places, you will receive the $400 pail for all six reservations, the minimum rate at which six places are available. They are not designed to provide five places for $300 and one for $350. "They' re pushing you into higher buckets," says Bob Harrell, an aerospace vet and prize researcher at Harrell Associates.

"When the lower rate is not available for all these places at the moment of reservation, it will be moved between buckets by default. "Harrell mentions a number of contributory elements; on the one hand, there are usually fewer places at the cheapest rates. In addition, there may be technological restrictions when loading tariffs into worldwide sales networks, the reservation tool of tour operators, business trip divisions and on-line journey pages.

This would not be the first time in the story of airlines' prices. Americans, Delta and Southwest confirm unavailability issue at very low tariff level; Delta spokesperson explains: "I' m worried I cannot enter into a full debate on asset allocation for proprietory and regulative reasons, but I can say that I am sorry that you do not see everything at the same time.

" Our checkout process used two different web-browsers to search simultaneous, real-time, identically scheduled routes on national and international routes of four large carriers (American, Delta, Southwest and United) and four favorite third-party websites (Expedia, Google Services, Kayak and Trip Advisor). While the first searched for the cheapest fares in Economie Classic for one passenger, the second did the same for the permitted number of passengers (which can vary from six to nine according to carrier or location).

United had the smallest fare differentials, with only a $1 increase for a flight between Chicago and Denver. There was a $94 differential on a southwest flight between Washington, D.C. and Orlando, and a $37 differential on Delta between Atlanta and Dallas.

Similar distinctions were found when we tried to make bookings on third parties' websites. During our checkout we also changed the trip data between 14 and 90 day in advance. Please note that we do not have the same data for all of our checkout trips. "He says I think it's a misunderstanding that lower rates apply to longer reservation periods. "Divide up your tickets to take advantages of cheaper rates for some members of your group.

They can compare on-line - preferably with two web browser - to see how many places are available at the cheapest rate; this technology can also help safeguard neighbouring seating. There' s an U.S. speaker who agrees: "So the solution is to buy single tickets so that at least some people can get the lower prices.

" Georges Hobica, creator of, recommends considering a telephone transaction, especially for Delta, which no longer has to charge for calls. "Just reserve two places," he says. Fly on a neighbouring flight or at a neighbouring aerodrome can result in lower rates and many reservation websites provide utilities to support this.

Take the group reservation possibilities of the airline companies into account. There are four major local airline companies - American, Delta, South West and United - offering specific group bookings by telephone, e-mail or on-line forms, but only for groups of 10 or more. South West recommends "Groups get free entry to discount on advertised rates.

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