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You can register for free to create a personal account on this web taxi booking portal. Booking a taxi | Low-cost transfer to the airports at flat rates and no concealed costs We only offer transfer services to and from the airports. Enter the full and accurate postal adress. Don't forgot to give the number! You must enter the road, number and city in the additional stop area.

Click on "Find address" and click on the displayed confirmation adress.

If this is the case, the quote will be refreshed and we will e-mail you a new quote. Do not enter your carry-on baggage but only "check-in baggage". If you have only carry-on baggage, please do not make any changes to the baggage section. Give us the right date and the right hour.

If we have to collect you from the nearest airports, please indicate your estimated ETA. Your number is only required when we need to collect you from the airports so we can see your current state. If you are delayed or if you have lost your ticket, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Indicate the children's ages in the Remarks box intep 3. Later, we will e-mail you the offer. Enter your full name in our taxi booking system. If you are joining the group, please give us the group name or submit a logotype you would like to show as a symbol.

Please give us the right telephone number with the prefix of the respective state. Make sure your telephone is switched on so that we can get back to you in case of an incident. If you enter an incorrect e-mail adress, you will not get a booking acknowledgement.

Any e-mail that is reviewed by our peers to determine if anything is wrong with your booking. We will then get in touch with you by telephone or e-mail. The itinerary has been refreshed, i.e. your booking has been made. If you would like to make any changes to your booking, please send us an e-mail by answering your booking receipt.

Here you can send us further information: Some construction sites exist at the pick-up area. Children - in this case we need to know the children's ages so that we can offer them a car seat. Stripe allows you to use most major payment methods.

In order to make the payments with the balance, the customer has to make a purchase. If you wish to make a charge to the chauffeur by means of your bank account, please write a notice in "Remarks" indicating the kind of bank account you use.

With the exception of American Express, we work with all common types of card. 5% for the transactions is required for the credited part. Please send us your corporate e-mail with your inquiries. Trip number: (if the customer is arriving at the destination, please specify the destination hour and the trip number.

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