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Inexpensive Hotel Transfers

The Collectivos run regularly between the airport and the Cancun Hotel Zone. When you choose this type of transfer, you will be taken to your hotel with other tourists. This also includes transport in parcels.

Budget Caribbean - Transfer from Airports to Hotel - Playa del Carmen Forum

I' ll be using them in 9 brief flights of time, mahooo! I asked the same questions and everyone said they were great. They'll be expecting you when you get there, they'll hold a cheap Caribbean shield, just go to them and tell them your name and they'll take you to the truck. lgalore, don't ask where cheap Caribbean busses are until you leave the terminal or you get devoured by the beasts.

Time share sharks. i was amazed.... with cheap carbik i realized they only gave 2 room category options... did you call them for others to simply take one of the 2 they provided on-line when you purchased your parcel???? -We used the cheap Karibik to make our January Playa tour and had no problem with them.

For 15 min we waited for more people ( drink a pint while you do it ), but when they didn't show up we were just in the truck! Just been at Iberostar Lindo for ten day, May 27 to June 6, and used CheapCaribbean. When I came outside, there were no prominent jerseys awaiting me, I had to ask around.

to create timetables. Calling her at my expense. I was 30 minutes too late to pick me up, and it' s no joke to stand around and wait for someone at 90+% air moisture. There was a concierge who packed our pockets and took us straight to the cheap wagon.

Said we had to go to our home transport at 17.00 and see "Alex" in our home loft (and selling us tours...). All in all, great Cheap Caribbean work. I' ve got the cheap Caribbean for a journey to La Romanana, DR. It was 2 hrs from the hotel and we stayed only 5 night.

There was no need to spend our days fetching others or wait for them to fill the truck, so we spent $150 on our return trips, which gave us more free travel hours on the bus. Though I love apple, we were collected from our hotel at 6 o'clock in the morning for a 10:50 o'clock plane ride.

Quite literally we picked up over 2 hrs of guests at other places - what a laugh and what a wastage. Afterwards, I choose to pay for transfers if it's not too costly.

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